Sarah Palin in New York

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Location: Briefing room of the Republican campaign headquarters one day before Sarah Palin’s meeting with Karzai, Manmohan Singh and Asif Zardari in New York, September 2008

John McCain (JM): Sarah dear, you have very important meetings coming up tomorrow…Have you ever met a head of state before?
Sarah Palin (SP): Of course, I’m the head of the great state of Alaska…
JM: Yes, yes…What I meant was that you don’t have any foreign policy experience…
SP: I do…On a clear Alaskan morning, I can see Russia from my bedroom window and Canada from my living room window…I’ve also signed bills concerning the Aleuts…Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the numerous parties I’ve hosted for hockey players some of who are foreign…
JM: We think these meetings will be great for the campaign…Just make sure you look good, don’t open your mouth and are photographed shaking hands…
SP: But why can’t I speak? After all I am going to be the next VP…
JM: That’s the point… A lot of our voter base is clueless and/or stupid, and these photographs will not only make you look good but also seem ‘worldly’…That’s the whole point of this exercise…
SP: Uh, Uh


2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin in New York

  1. ha ha 🙂 …! You’ve got to do a follow up on her meeting with Mr. Ten Percent ..or maybe that shud read his meeting with her ! 🙂


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