Sarah Palin is at it again

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Location: Briefing room of the Republican campaign headquarters

John McCain (JM): Sarah dear, you’ve done it again…I thought I told you not to open your mouth…Why did you have to highlight Sen. Obama’s meeting with Bill Ayers 15 years ago? Your comments have made us look like racists…
Sarah Palin (SP): But I told the truth, John…Sen. Barack Hussein Osama and Bill Ayers live in the same Chicago neighbourhood and they both were on the board of a charitable organization …The former is a black Muslim and is related to Osama…The latter is a terrorist who bombed the Capitol…As we all know in the great state of Alaska, terrorists are all Arab Muslims…By associating with Ayers, Sen. Obama is condoning Islamic terrorism…He is therefore an anti-American Arab Muslim terrorist himself… What’s wrong in calling a spade a spade?
JM: That’s just it Sarah…While it is true that Bill Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist and a menace to society, he also happens to be white born and brought up in the US…So were most of his “Weather Underground” colleagues… He has no connection to anything that would be considered “black”, “Arab” or “Islamic”, let alone “stereotypically black, Arab or Islamic”…You have once again succeeded in making us look like ignorant fools…
SP: Uh, Uh


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