Stupidity of Indians

A conversation between two local level MNS leaders in Mumbai

Leader 1: These non-Maharashtrians have and are continuing to destroy the Marathi culture and ethos of Mumbai…We Marathi manoos are second to none…After all, we have given the world Ambedkar, Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Kakodkar, Agarkar and many more kars…

Leader 2: Hah, these outsiders think they are great because they’ve destroyed our culture and ethos – we’ll show them we are greater by destroying the city of Mumbai itself!!!

So, the next day the 2 leaders with their chamchas set off with hockey sticks and match boxes to destroy the city…They beat up non Marathi speaking taxiwallhas and subziwallahs and set fire to buses, cars,taxis,shops,and vegetable carts…With no police action, their confidence grows…They then take the bold step of destroying stations and trains and beating up any non-Maharashtrians who come in their way…This rampage puts the entire city in chaos thus inconveniencing not only the non-Maharashtrians but also the Marathi manoos…

Hearing about the plight of their villagewallhas, Biharis in Bihar say,”How dare these Marathis inconvenience our brothers…We’ll show them we are better…” So, instead of first destroying taxis, buses and shops, the Biharis go straight for trains and stations…

The rioting in Bihar throws the entire railway network out of gear in the state thus inconveniencing Biharis in Bihar…

Raj Thackarey in his daily address to his chamchas,”I told you these Biharis are stupid…The reason for the rioting in our great city of Mumbai was to get the Biharis to burn themselves before they got here…Hee, hee, hee!!!


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