Sore Losers

The Aussies have always been sore losers and they especially hate losing to a ‘third world’ (read non-white) country like India…On the one hand Matthew Hayden says,”We’ve had trouble with our over rates for a long time now” and on the other he blames his team’s loss to India in the just concluded test series on the Indian batman and the fact that India is a third world country…”Often we find ourselves with hands on hips waiting for someone to either face up or someone in the sightboard to move away; all the little frustrations that happen in Third World countries and the heat as well.”

Grow up you Aussies!!! Me thinks Matthew Hayden has a book coming out…


2 thoughts on “Sore Losers

  1. @Bones,
    Hayden’s comment was unwarranted, but yes, we still are (at the end of the day) a third World country 
    So maybe instead of going overboard in our retaliation, it might do well for us to ponder on the state of affairs here and how to improve it.


  2. It’s true we are a third world country and unfortunately we will remain one even if we at some point have the largest economy in the world…The government (any government) always has a myopic view of development- the politicians are only bothered about lining their own pockets and power…They are least bothered about the poor farmer in Vidharba…
    Coming to the Aussies-they are basically pissed that the BCCI has so much clout in the cricketing world…They can’t believe that a non-gora board has so much money that they can twist the ICC’s arm to get what it wants…


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