Irritating Phrases Spoken By Indians

This is a follow up to the ‘Top 10 most irritating English phrases’ post…There are some phrases spoken by Indians which irritate me a lot…They are:

– Timepass

– Fuchcha (used in Delhi University…Refers to a college fresher)

– Fundu (Again, used in Delhi in lieu of fundamental)

– K.Nags (Kamala Nagar), Def. Col (Defence Colony)- I hate the Indian penchant for shortening names

– Arre yaar

– Do the needful

– Tight slap (does a tight slap hurt more than a regular one?)

– Isn’t it? (e.g. “You must be hungry, isn’t it?)

– Will try my level best

– Don’t be pricey

– Prepone

– Mention not

– The current has gone (instead of “the power has gone”)

– The use of the word “boy” instead of “man” (e.g. cricketers are called boys…”The boys played well today”)

– Convented

– I will make a move now


7 thoughts on “Irritating Phrases Spoken By Indians

  1. A few expressions come to mind;
    .The key is…….
    .Enclosed herewith or enclose herewith instead of enclosed or enclose as the case may be.
    .To day morning or evening instead of this morning/evening


  2. @Bones,
    good one….
    By the way, you keep saying “Indians” in your post, can I take for granted that you are not????
    English is by far, the most mutated language in the world…. every nation has its own way of using it……..


  3. @Ajit:
    I’m very much and Indian – a Bengali Indian at that- living in Gurgaon…I say Indians because these phrases are uttered by a lot of people residing in this country…I personally don’t use these phrases…
    English may be one of the most mutated languages in the world but I still feel that if one is speaking a language, one should speak it as it is meant to be…Accents may differ, that’s OK but the language should remain the same…


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