Oh, Where Are You?

Where are you Mr.Raj Thackre the superhero of the Marathi manoos? Are you safely enconced in your fortified castle with a 100 NSG jawans protecting you? Or have you fled the city to save your life? Shouldn’t you be showing your face as it is your city that is under siege? I think you are hiding because the commandos who are involved in the rescue operations are mostly from outside Maharashtra…If you don’t want outsiders to be in Mumbai, why did you let these NSG and MARCOS commandos come into your Marathi city and help? Why didn’t you stop Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, a Bangalorean with the Bihar Regiment, from giving up his life?


4 thoughts on “Oh, Where Are You?

  1. May be Raj hatched this terror attack to drive out all non Manoos from Mumbai.He is watching telly hiding himself in his castle and guiding the terrorists about the movements of the NSGs-they being dropped on the Nariman House roof top-through satellite phones.


  2. I guess Hemand Karkare, Salaskar, Kamte and their MARATHI colleagues should have first counted how many marathis are trapped inside the buildings, and then only decided whether to risk their lives. Coz even though so many marathi cops have died to save Mumbai, marathis are now being told that ‘north indian army’ has saved them. There are so many marathi soldiers who hv died for this country..and are still at the border as I type this..I guess their sacrifices are in vain. General ArunKumar Vaidya who led the country during the Punjab Khalistan war, and who was killed by Khalistani terrorists was a marathi. He must hv been a fool to die for ‘north indians’, right?
    Besides, what exactly was Raj supposed to do? You are talking as if all other politicians were battling it out at the Taj and taking bullets, while only Raj Thackeray was missing.He quietly went to meet the cops’ families, his party arranged medical assistance camps..but he didn’t exploit this in front of media. He didnt cause unnecessary extra pressure on d already stressed cops, unlike PM, Advani, Sonia who caused more pressure to d cops, and whose ‘visits’ were useless and unnecessary. Why didn’t rahul gandhi go to save Taj, for example!
    Unlike NORTH INDIAN leaders like lalu, abu azmi, amar singh, RAJ has never supported SIMI, Afzal guru etc.
    It is due to the these north indian leaders n their idiot supporters in Mumbai, that terrorism has become so rampant.


  3. I think all politicians are idiots including Raj Thackre – they are only interested in power and for that they need votes…
    Indians should help other Indians no matter which ethnic group they belong to…What Raj Thackre wants goes against the spirit of India…


  4. P.S. What Hemand Karkare, Salaskar, Kamte and their MARATHI colleagues did is what all Indians should do…I salute them but Mr.Thackre doesn’t seem to think that…If she was so against violence and terrorism, why did he encourage is followers to beat up Biharis? He too was indulging in terrorism, wasn’t he?


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