Shivraj Patil & His Bandhgalas Scare Away The Terrorists

Before I could reach there, the terrorists who had attacked one of the hospitals, the Cama Hospital, had left and those who attacked the railway station had also left.



4 thoughts on “Shivraj Patil & His Bandhgalas Scare Away The Terrorists

  1. Homegrown terrorism is an alarming and very chilling idea. No country likes to believe that violent and armed insurgency and militancy has taken root in its backyard. Countries tend to put the matters at the back burner for as long as possible. India is ignoring the terrorists of RSS, BJP and Bajrang Dal for too long, and now it’s the time for the them to pay back. The recent attack in Mumbai sprouts from within India and is a reaction of Babri Mosque, Gujarat Massacre and scores of other terrorist attacks on Muslims across India.

    The Pakistani Spectator


  2. Homegrown terrorism is a problem and should be dealt with an iron fist but what about the evidence (satellite phones etc.) pointing towards Karachi?


  3. what the pakistan spectator says is absolutely wrong….
    we will always remain India…. and maybe he needs to watch the news which specifically states the evidence towards pakistan…..


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