Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Shoddiest Reporter Of Them All?

Answer: Barkha Dutt
She should just shut up…Not only is she annoying but she’s also a bad reporter…

During the Mumbai terrorist attacks, her sensationalist style of reporting was at it’s peak…According to Wikipedia, during the Kargil conflict Indian Army sources repeatedly complained to her channel NDTV that she was giving away locations in her broadcasts thus causing Indian casualties…Apparantly eight Indian Army officers and jawans were killed when she started broadcasting at the border despite being advised not to by authorities…She has also been criticized for being insensitive towards causalties and asking them insensitive questions…

During the Mumbai siege Ms.Dutt (and other reporters) not only gave away the POA of the Indian security forces but also let the ‘handlers’ of the terrorists inside the hotels know how many guests were stuck…At one point hours after the hotels were taken over, she called the head of the Oberoi Group live on TV and asked him to estimate the number of hostages remaining at the Trident…He in turn like a fool let her and the terrorists know that there were still around a hundred…

Her apathy and insensitivity was at it’s best in Mumbai…She repeatedly asked freed hostages and family members of hostages who were still inside the hotels how they felt…WTF??!!!

In Ms.Dutt’s weekly talk show We The People, she is more concerned about time running out than getting answers to her questions – she literally interrupts and cuts short her guests’ answers…I mean, the show is about getting answers so important questions but if guests are not allowed to make their points and respond to other guests’ questions/accusations, what is the point of having the show? It seems more like a group discussion to get into a business school – the one who can interrupt at the right time gets his point across…
In ten years since the Kargil conflict, Ms.Dutt has learnt nothing and yet has become the Group Editor of NDTV…What say you Mr.Pronnoy Roy?


7 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Shoddiest Reporter Of Them All?

  1. I had absolutely no idea about her doings . I didn’t like her , now I hate her . How the hell did the Indian Government allow her to continue with her reporting after she gave away the locations ? And on a side-note , I also did not like her candle-lighting campaign .


  2. I totally agree man, she was faking the “heart-rending” images from Taj so obviously, it simply insulted one’s intelligence. It was like she was winning some sort of victory or something, such was the triumphal tone in her statement. Hope she gots shot at one of the frontlines, no wait, then that will be another breaking news story. Hope she fades into anonymity.


  3. Rohan,
    I don’t think Barkha Dutt is going anywhere unfortunately…If she does go, she should take Arnab Goswami along with her…He’s another guy I can’t stand…Tries to be suave…Have you seen the way he sits? I’m sure he must have watched 100s of tapes of American/British anchors…


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