Elect Simi Grewal as PM!

Why? Because she’s beautiful, smart, cultured and stylish and will make us proud at international meets…Like other politicians, her clothes are pristine white but while they rush off to meetings, she rushes off to rendezvous…She has spent a lot of time with the first family of India (the Kapoors) and knows what dynastic rule means…She has extensive foreign policy experience because she can see ‘Pakistani’ flags in the slums surrounding the Four Seasons Hotel where she maintains a suite…She knows how it feels to brave the elements without clothes (‘Siddhartha’) and can therefore identify with the poor…She will not prosecute ordinary citizens if they don’t pay their taxes (in fact she’ll encourage them not to)…With her experience, she can work wonders for India…

Simi’s Cabinet

Special Envoy to the US – Shah Rukh Khan
Special Envoy to Pakistan – Shabana Azmi
Home Minister – Sanjay Dutt (his extensive experience with guns & prison will help)
Minister for Activism – Aamir Khan
Defence Minister – Akshay Kumar
PR Minister – Suhel Seth
Press Secretary – Shobhaa De
IB Chief – Ram Gopal Verma
Media Advisor – Barkha Dutt
Sports Minister – Salman Khan

Leader of the Opposition – Rishi Kapoor (His experience in ‘Karz’ will enable him to expose her politically)

(Inspired by a message on FB and her appearance on We The People on NDTV 24×7)


11 thoughts on “Elect Simi Grewal as PM!

  1. Good one! Could have added Rishs Kapoor(of Karz) as the Leader of the Oppsition, waiting to expose her – politically!

    Jokes apart, is she still not comparatively better than may ‘jokers’ we have in politics? Sri Lankan Army Chief was wrong?!


  2. @Vinod:
    True…People don’t like hearing negative things about themselves and I totally agree with the SL Army Chief – Vaiko is a joker and so are all the other politicians…
    I will update the cabinet…


  3. I realized what this post was really about when I read it . I was shocked when I saw the title , and wondered , “what the hell happened to bones” ? You got me for a few seconds . 🙂


  4. Leader of the Opposition – Rishi Kapoor (His experience in ‘Karz’ will enable him to expose her politically)…

    Very nice post

    And as long as Simi is at the helm, why not an order to be passed that everyone shud only wear white all the time-imagine that 🙂


  5. I missed that show but I know I missed nothing, because the blogosphere tells us everything 🙂

    I like Shah Rukh Khan’s movies, so could you please choose Karan Johar as Special Envoy to the US? Just a humble request from a fan.

    And now look what Santa has left for you on my blog here!


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