Professor Mayawati

Mayawati is ecstatic!!! She, a Dalit woman from UP, has managed to teach an educated and suave American male politician a thing or two about making money through politics… Over the years, she has been accused of selling MP and MLA tickets to the highest bidder and has apparently accumulated a multi crore fortune in the process…Like her, the Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich has been accused of brazenly putting up for sale his appointment of Barack Obama’s replacement in the United States Senate…What Mayawati could not teach him however was how to avoid getting arrested by transferring honest law enforcement officers who wanted to investigate her dealings…Unfortunately for Mr. Blagojevich, the law caught up with him and he was arrested from his home on charges of conspiracy and soliciting bribes…Bravo Professor Mayawati!!!


5 thoughts on “Professor Mayawati

  1. Nobody will catch them – they are criminally and politically smart…
    Actually, all politicians are smart in this context and that’s the reason they enter the field of politics – for power and money…


  2. Well,the Americanor for that matter politicians/law enforcement entities of other countries are not corrupt as our politicians are.Remember, she was Sonia’s ally prior to Amar Singh steppped in for support and of course thereby benefit by it?
    Today’s papers say that CBI at the Supreme Court had stated that it had withdrawn charges against Mulayam Singh at
    the behest of the government; CBI reports to the PM!


  3. All politicians are more or less the same but I think the Indian ones are the most corrupt…Sonia,Mayawati,Advani etc. – all the same…They are not in this field to do good but only for personal gain…Sad…
    The police, CBI etc. are also corrupt but some times I think they are pressurized to do things…


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