How to make money during a recession

Are you a young woman between 20 and 30 looking for ways of making money in these hard times? If you are, then you need look no further than your ovaries…According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, young women have an exploitable asset in their ovaries…

The going rate for a surrogate is about $25,000. Egg donors generally receive $3,000 to $8,000. But a few agencies advertise that they’ll pay much more for specific characteristics. One ad running in campus newspapers promises $25,000 for a donor who is “100% Jewish with … High SAT Scores… Attractive, at Healthy Body Weight and Free of Genetic Diseases.

Whenever the employment rate is down, we get more calls,” says Robin von Halle, president of Alternative Reproductive Resources, an agency in Chicago where inquiries from would-be egg donors are up 30% in recent weeks – to about 60 calls a day. “We’re even getting men offering up their wives. It’s pretty scary.”
James Liu, a reproductive endocrinologist at University Hospitals, Case Medical Center, in Cleveland, says there is no waiting now for egg donors since his roster has swelled from the usual 4 to 17.

Andrew Vorzimer, an attorney who represents prospective parents in Los Angeles, says the usual six-month wait for a surrogate in California has vanished as well. “Many of these women have college loans to pay off or they want to help buy a house or provide for their own kids’ education,” says Mr. Vorzimer, who is also CEO of Egg Donation Inc., a recruiting agency.

Well, it looks like a good deal despite the daily hormone shots, harvesting of ripened eggs with a needle and a ban on sex…It definitely beats the hell out of kidney donation and it pays much more…


6 thoughts on “How to make money during a recession

  1. Vinod,
    No, I’m not but it seems interesting…I’d have to make it to the US for that kind of money…Here they would probably give me RS100…


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