Mentally, women are inferior to men

If you are a Pakistani woman and want to be treated as a person (like your male peers) by the law, then you are in for a rude shock…According to an article in the Dawn, “The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has declared the term ‘gender equality’, used in Section 7(a) of the National Commission for Status of Women Ordinance of 2000, ‘vague and un-Islamic’ and called for its repeal.” The Council explained that “the concept of ‘gender equality’ was impracticable because of ‘distinct differences’ in anatomy and physical and mental capabilities. The CII described the term as ‘absurd and un-Islamic’.”


11 thoughts on “Mentally, women are inferior to men

  1. This is happening in mainstream Pakistan, not Afghanistan. And people still want to argue that there is no ideological war on – and the positions are only getting more rigid. Whatever happens in Pakistan on the basis of religion finds some resonance among Indian Muslims too

    The moment any practice is declared un-Islamic, there is no space for negotiation and plenty of space for extremists to unleash terror.


  2. Vinod:
    I agree with you…

    “Whatever happens in Pakistan on the basis of religion finds some resonance among Indian Muslims too”
    I cannot understand the mind of a Muslim… A Muslim will support the cause of another Muslim blindly regardless of ethnicity …An Indian Muslim would support the cause of say a Bosnian Muslim without knowing where Bosnia was…This kind of bonding is not present amongst Hindus and Christians…


  3. It is very sad and dangerous that religious sentiment can create such strong bonds.. It must be due to the fact that religion translates to ‘identity’ which is not so strong in other religions.. And this bond can be used or misused..


  4. Stupid but not-negotiable because it is the word of this God and that.

    I want to see a ban on religion as one of the manifesto pillars in the coming election.


  5. Keep dreaming Asralwicks!!! If there is a ban on religion, the politicians will have nothing to say…It’s all about votes…Will the BJP survive without religion?Neither will the Congress – they have been sitting on the Uniform Civil Code because of the Muslim votes…


  6. I agree with you Kislay…Look at The Scandinavians – their socities are so well advanced because of the way they treat their women…In Sweden, the first born (girl or boy) becomes the King or Queen…So, the current heir to the thrown is Crown Princess Victoria because she is the first born (she has a younger brother)…


  7. Bones, Kislay – totally agree. Any country is as good as she treats her women!
    The scandinavians are truly ‘evolved’ if I may say so.. That is the way to go! Their society is very humane and they do a lot to maintain it so.


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