To me the Swedish are extremely boring…They all look alike (tall and blonde) and they don’t know how to eat (their top contribution to world cuisine is an insipid dish called meatballs with lingonberry sauce which you’ll get to taste in all its glory if you visit their other boring and mediocre contribution to the world – IKEA)…Ouch!!! But today I realized that I have been wrong all along…They are as interesting as the Indians and Chinese…The Nobel Prize committee has been hit by a scandal…Scandal? Do the Swedish even have a word for this in their dictionary? According to news reports investigators are looking into trips made by Nobel jurors to China…The inquiry is also looking into why the Chinese invited the jurors…
The last time China claimed a science price was in 1957, when two Chinese researchers won the physics award.”

Go Sweden,go!!!


7 thoughts on “Swedish,corrupt?

  1. This news will really gladden the hearts of some Indians…I will not be surprised if an Indian gets the Nobel within the next few years!

    The Swedes are actually not as boring as we think. If I am not wrong, they were the pioneers of adult films in that era of 8mm films. I am sure the trips to China would have included ‘trips’ of all sorts!


  2. They were that early off the blocks?!

    Indians will do exactly the opposite… I believe there was talk of Sri Sri Ravishankar for the Peace prize. And guess who torpedoed it? Ramchandra Guha.


  3. The other day they were showing something on Discovery regarding sex in mass media/mass culture and in that they mentioned porno movies from Sweden…I think it was the 50’s but I may be wrong…It may have been the early 60s but it was before the Americans…
    Ramchandra Guha – the less said the better


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