Suicide bombers for sale

Do you have a personal score to settle and want to make a big statement in the process? Buy a suicide bomber …No, I’m not kidding…Apparently you can do this in Pakistan…


17 thoughts on “Suicide bombers for sale

  1. Recession has everybody hard…Terrorist organization are cutting back on their suicide missions which has in turn resulted in unemployed suicide bombers…They do have to eat even if they’ll eventually die…


  2. Wow Bones! That sounds interesting 🙂 Talk about alternate careers!!
    On a serious note – it just goes to show how bad a state Pakistan is in.. I have met Taxi drivers from Pakistan, here in UK who apparently have degrees in Computer Science but they donot get any jobs here apparently(even before the recession started)..


  3. The reason the Pakistan govt. is and has been so focussed on India and Kashmir is because of the state of their economy…Diversionary tactics…They don’t want ordinary citizens to dwell too much on the scarcity of jobs etc. …And if anyone dares to even question the govt. on its failed policies, India can always be blamed…

    When I used to live in NYC, I used to meet a lot of taxi drivers from Pakistan and POK and they were always very nice…I was always referred to as a ‘desi’ and they never charged me for the ride…Most of them were in the US illegally because there were no jobs in their home countries…Some were engineers…This was between 1996 and 2004 (before the recession)…

    Pakistan has big problems and I wish they would spend more of their resources on things which are important i.e. their people and not the military…After 60 years of failed attempts to destabilize India, one would think the govt. would have learnt its lesson but it doesn’t seem so…


  4. Yes Bones, the whole region could benefit so much if Pakistan abandonned it’s one point agenda and decided to behave like a responsible nation. As you say, no body dares raise questions in Pakistan. Today for instance, Nawaz Sharif who till yesterday was accpeting that kasab was a Pakistani – has done a total U turn and claiming that India has not provided the necessary proof. If leaders do not have a voice, what can the poor people say or do – other that become illegal immigrants in other prosperous countries…


  5. They have trained so many of them with the ‘promise of 72’ that apparently there are many going utilised. May be some of them have got onto the smart idea that it won’t hurt to leave money behind for their near and dear ones to help them complete their journey on earth before they join up with them in jannat.

    On a serious note, that such a that this has happened is not surprising at all…how can you expect to have saints preaching love and peace and love coming out of the AKs of hate and violence?


  6. I can’t really understand how a person let’s himself/herself get brainwashed into killing others and himself/herself…Terrorist organizations must be having very good psychiatrists…How can these people believe in paradise i.e. 72? It’s not as if somebody has been there and has come back to tell the tale…And what is it with virgins??!!
    On a serious note, I can’t understand people who believe blindly in what they are told even if it is by a priest/mullah/pandit…


  7. Bones, if you could understand, you would know what we face, if Barkha could, she would know what to write and say and if our leaders could, they would know what to do to meet and defeat the challenge.

    As to virgins, well you will have to ask those who will do almost anything to have them!


  8. About those taxi-drivers , somehow I am not surprised . It seems that we are mortal enemies only within the geographical proximity of the sub-continent . 🙂 I hope that is the case, always .

    I would say that Pakistan failed/is failing/will crash and burn in the future because of the wonderful leaders it has had . We have had relatively better leaders . We have a middle class , which is another important reason ,the back bone of any nation . And the prime reason must be their obsession with India/Kashmir . If they had let go of it after 1947 , and spent all the money wasted on arms and ammunition and war(as you said) , they would have been a decent sized economy . And I wonder if you know this , but a dying Jinnah , after the creation of Pakistan , said so to his sister “We backed the wrong horse” . Factually speaking , he did .


  9. @Vinod_Sharma

    You missed out one of favourite people on this Earth , the true daughter of this nation , Ms. Suzzane Arundhati Roy . 🙂 And poor Ajmal Kasab must be missing out on the 72 virgins . I bet his buddies up there must be looking down, and teasing him for what he can’t have any more . 😀


  10. How authentic is this story about Jinnah’s last words about backing the wrong horse? Surely he couldn’t have said that… that horse was virtually his own creation. I remember his statement that the only available choice was to have either “a divided India or a destroyed India”…does it not sound eerily like terror talk?


  11. I really wonder why that has been ignored both by us and the Pakistanis…she married a non-Muslims and stayed back, nailing the two-nation theory right in the home of its creator.


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