Staying Young and Healthy

Are you suffering from exhaustion, insomnia, backaches and other minor ailments? Are you seeking the fountain of youth? If you fit into any of the above categories, you may want to visit Tenteki10 in Tokyo for a shot of human placenta…Yes, you read it right – human placenta…

The staff at Tenteki 10 is confident about its popular “placenta pack,” which costs about $30. The bubbly receptionist tells me it’s her favorite drip at the clinic—she personally receives it at least once every other week. The morning after, she says, she wakes up refreshed, her skin noticeably smoother and younger.” (Slate)

According to a spokesperson for Tenteki10, they want their “customers to believe that the drip service will bring them perfect health.”
(Japan Today)

In case you are scared of IV drips, you may want to try The Placenta 10000 drink from Nihon Sofuken…It is supposed to taste like peaches…

Fine, human placentas are nutritious (at least the Japanese think so) but are they safe to eat? A doctor in Yunoyama, Japan, who runs a “health and rejuvenation tour” that offers injections of placental extract says “the extract is effective for treating disease and “safer than aspirin, I’m sure, 100 percent.” (Slate)…Tom Cruise endorses the good doctor…He wanted to do it…In an interview with GQ magazine hours before the birth of his first biological daughter Suri, he announced “I’m gonna eat the placenta. I thought that would be good. Very nutritious. I’m gonna eat the cord and the placenta right there.”

People will do anything to look young and beautiful…


6 thoughts on “Staying Young and Healthy

  1. The Chinese have gone a step ahead… for youth and vitality, they have a concoction made of, yes, of an aborted human baby, chicken meat and herbs, boiled for eight hours. Babies aborted naturally fetch a very high price while those aborted for the purpose of selling them come relatively cheap…

    I shall not be shocked if there are some really sick people who have ‘progressed’ to eating parts of human children for remaining young and virile…


  2. Kislay,
    I guess you are right about the placenta being rich in stem cells etc. but just the thought of knowingly injecting, eating and drinking it is gross at least to me…Maybe I’ve eaten it, who knows what they put in medicines anyway…The FDA has banned it in dietary supplements because apparently it spreads disease…Who knows…I wonder if it actually works…


  3. Oh goodness! That sounds gross! Can’t believe people can go to such extents to ‘stay young and healthy’? Whatever happened to ‘aging gracefully’ and naturally? Bones – I agree with you – ‘ thought of knowingly injecting, eating and drinking it is gross’!


  4. Bones how do they procure this health and youth giving human placenta? I am sure half the time it must be some other hapless mammal – I never liked Tom Cruise anyway… now he is on my hate-list.

    I know they take the bile juice of live bears in the cruelest ways imaginable (in China) I saw this on Peta and couldn’t bear to see this. I don’t even use any cosmetics/products that have been tested on animals.

    What kind of world are we living in?! Give me some back aches and wrinkles any day.


  5. The Japs have always been crazy!
    I mean, raw fish is a delicacy out there???

    I believe that all civilizations that hang on to their ancient past are bound to do stupid things.

    In India too, Gau Mutr is supposed to have religious significance!

    One more reason to be utterly pro-reform & summarily reject ancient superstition based practises.


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