Bihar CM for Nobel Peace Prize (updated TTM vs TTS)) reports:

Senior Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and former Union Health Minister Dr. C. P. Thakur, at a press conference in Patna on Saturday said that he had nominated Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for the Nobel Peace Prize for doing an outstanding job in the area of Right to Information in the state and maintaining communal peace in the region.

The ‘Nitish Model’ of governance has become very successful in Bihar and the Central government must learn a lesson from it and implement it in other states as well,” Dr. Thakur said during the press meet.

The nomination enraged the Railways Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav…”How dare he!!!” he screamed…”I should have been nominated…I have lectured students at IIM(A) and now am going to Japan to lecture students there…What has Nitish Kumar done?” Later on (according to The Times of India) after Laloo had cooled down, he remarked:

There is an English term I have coined — “TTM: Tabar Tor Malish…His (Dr. C. P. Thakur’s) argument was that the Nobel Prize should be given to Nitish because he implemented RTI in Bihar. The whole world knows that it was the UPA government which got RTI implemented throughout the country…Perhaps because the Lok Sabha polls are near and the MP has his eye on the Patna seat. If the MP is fielded, it will become easier for RJD MP Ram Kripal Yadav..

Nitish Kumar laughed and reacted to Laloo’s coinage of the new term ‘Tabartor Tel Malish (TTM)’ to describe him thus:

The Railway Minister himself was the victim of TTS (Tabartor Shilanyas Syndrome) in his attempt to break all previous records of laying foundation stones in Bihar.

Anyone can install foundation stones throughout the state but how many of these projects will actually take off or be completed – that’s the main question,” said the Chief Minister.

( rocks!!!)


21 thoughts on “Bihar CM for Nobel Peace Prize (updated TTM vs TTS))

  1. Nobel Peace Prize! It is amazing isn’t it? And so sad that the one person from India who deserved to win it, never did – Mahatma Gandhi!


  2. Laloo is beyond the Nobel…remember he compared Rahul to Gandhi? So, he should first be asking for the Prize to be given to the new original Gandhi.

    Next, Laloo should claim that he is the Buddha…like the original, he is from Bihar and like him, he too takes Bhiksha…from fodder, soney ki chidiya rail, and God-knows-from-where-else! Nobel is too small a prize for him!

    On a serious note, Nitish is the first breath of fresh air that Bihar has got after decades. The man appears to be honest and is going about repairing the grave damage that the state has suffered quietly…just the opposite of Laloo.


  3. Wow! Somehow people make you wonder about how myopic they can be. Nobel Peace Prize??? For governance in Bihar???? If not myopic, atleast some serious ass kissing going on there. Great blog btw.


  4. Unpretentious Diva:
    I can’t believe you wrote those things about Krugman!!! I think he deserved the prize and infact I think he should have received it earlier but his age was the problem…I don’t give much value to the peace prize though and yes, Maria Montessori would have been a deserving recepient…
    Nitish is good but doesn’t deserve the Nob el Peace Prize…


  5. @Bones – I agree with you – Nitish is good but certainly not Nobel Prize material. Also, I have an award for you. Pls do pick it up from my blog.


  6. Bones, I don’t think I implied that Nitish deserves the Nobel. But he is what Bihar needs and there is no like him in sight there!


  7. Here is what I have to say , Bihar being my home state . Nitish Kumar is good , definitely way better then Shree Shree Laloo Prasad Yadav jee , who said that Bihar does not have any potential . But , I think he does have that kind of a free reign he should have had , to undo the damage of the past 15-20 years . But he is Nobel Prize material .


  8. Vonod and Kislay,
    I don’t follow Bihar politics but I would like to know how Nitish Kumar has improved things? If he’s good, he could be the PM in the future…


  9. I agree with Smitha.
    Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi is the one who deserves it the most.
    Muhammad Yunus of Bangla Desh who empowered rural women through Grameen banking and loans – he was deserving no doubt … we have nobody like that? I like Anna Hazare and Teesta Setalwad a lot but I am not sure if what they have done can fall under the purview of this award.
    … don’t know much about Nitish!


  10. Bones, he is not that saying a lot in itself? Plus he is apparently doing a very good job as CM, without seeking the spotlight…he had done a great job as Railway Minister earlier too.


  11. IHM:
    I’m surprised that you think Teesta Setalwad is worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize…She and her husband are controversial figures…I like the fact that she fights for secularism, justice and human rights but she’s accused of being ‘over enthusiastic’ at times…She is also accused of being anti-semitic…I don’t know how much of this is true (probably none of it) but she is pro-left and that is a big no-no for me…But I do admire the fact she fights for what she believes in-there are very few people who do that…


  12. Yeah I have also heard similar stuff – never know what to believe, ‘But I do admire the fact she fights for what she believes in…’

    Anna Hazare is one gutsy guy – no controversy attached either .. just mentioned two names I admire, not sure if they are suited for Peace award 🙂
    Your post made me think of all the nice people in India:)) Not just for the Award.


  13. IHM:
    There are a lot of ‘good’ people in India who are trying to do good for their communities but are known…I admire these people…I wish I could be one of them but I can’t because I don’t have it in me…I do my teeny-weeny bit, that’s it…The ‘real’ do-gooders are never recognized which is probably a good thing because then they would become political…


  14. @Unpretentious Diva

    Well some deserving people may not have got the Nobel prize but do tell me one person who got it and didnt deserve it?


  15. I missed a couple of NOT’s in my last comment . Here is what I really meant .
    “Here is what I have to say , Bihar being my home state . Nitish Kumar is good , definitely way better then Shree Shree Laloo Prasad Yadav jee , who said that Bihar does not have any potential . But , I think he does NOT have that kind of a free reign he should have had , to undo the damage of the past 15-20 years . But he is NOT Nobel Prize material .”

    And having said that , let me add some more . He is honest . I guess he must be one of the most honest politicians in India . He is an educated man , an engineer from BIT Sindri , which used to be one of the better colleges of India in his time . He is the ONLY ray of hope , as far as I am aware of the Bihari political scenario . And the magical Railway act with which Shree Shree Param Deshbhakt Laloo Prasad Yadav Jee is credited with , has got more to do with him . It is not possible to turn the fortunes of an organization as huge as the Indian Railways in a couple of years . Nitish Kumar introduced some good accounting practices ; he sowed the seeds , the fruit is reaped by some one a hell lot less deserving than him .


  16. Kislay:
    I wish the country would produce more politicians as Nitish Kumar…I just got back from Cal and Mamatadi is back to business…I wonder why the terrorists don’t target her and the CPM govt. …


  17. Yes Bones – I have heard a lot of praise for Nitish as well.. Lets just hope that we have more Nitishes in our political class..
    By the way, what is Mamtadi upto now? Not satisfied with her great ‘triumph’ of driving the Tatas out?


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