Male infertility caused by female urine

Don’t laugh…According to a report on Yahoo News, the learned men of the Vatican think that

The contraceptive pill is polluting the environment and is in part responsible for male infertility…

The pill “has for some years had devastating effects on the environment by releasing tonnes of hormones into nature” through female urine, said Pedro Jose Maria Simon Castellvi, president of the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, in the report.

“We have sufficient evidence to state that a non-negligible cause of male infertility in the West is the environmental pollution caused by the pill,” he said, without elaborating further.

“We are faced with a clear anti-environmental effect which demands more explanation on the part of the manufacturers,” added Castellvi.

Now men have something else to blame women for…


19 thoughts on “Male infertility caused by female urine

  1. come on don’t be harsh…they are just blaming the manufacturers. jokes apart, those big guys/gals chilling with religion need a shrink because god definitely seems to have abandoned them.


  2. LOL All religious fundamentalists are obsessed with this (or similar stuff).
    There was this movie of Meena Kumari and Ashok Kumar, I think called Paap aur Punya and another one called Triyacharitra …both confirm my belief that all religious fundamentalists are obsessed with sex and how make it a sin 🙂


  3. Where do you get these nuggets from, Bones?!

    They were against abortion, now they are finding a problem with the Pill – I’m sure Sarah Palin is listening, 2016 in mind. Solution? Either have a lot of kids like she has or practice the difficult art of coitus interruptus, that is if you can’t become a priest or a nun and abstain!


  4. IHM:

    “confirm my belief that all religious fundamentalists are obsessed with sex and how make it a sin :)” I agree with you entirely…They make sex a sin for the common man, not themselves…


    I get these nuggets from ‘Slate’ and ‘Huffington Post’…They are very interesting sites…


  5. I believe the Vatican is against family planning on the whole – so are trying to find more ways of ‘scientifically’ condemning it 🙂 Here’s a link with their stance:)

    It is difficult not to laugh though – the heights to which religious leaders take all this..

    @IHM, Isn’t it funny that sex is a ‘sin’ but they can have paedophiles among their clergy? Hypocrisy at it’s height!


  6. Smitha:
    The reason the Catholic Church has so many paedophiles is because sex is unnaturally portrayed as a sin and also because priests are not allowed to have sex or marry…I don’t think marriage for priests was prohibited in the early years of Christianity – all these rules came into existence much later…


  7. @Bones – Yes Bones, you are right, in every religion, if you see, most of its most barbaic practises have come about much later – thanks to manipulation by the practitioners.. I guess that is the tragedy of religion – people use them to sanctify everything!

    @IHM – No I haven’t – I am on the waiting list in the lib for it – but plan to buy it when I am in India next – less that 2 weeks away 🙂


  8. Not only is it a sin to use the pill, it also damages the environment. Boy, they must have thought long and hard to come up with that one. We all know how much the Vatican has supported scientific studies and progress.

    What next, a study that shows abortions contribute to world hunger?


    Quirky Indian


  9. :-))))) Pardon me, you said not to laugh, but I couldn’t help it!! OMG what next????
    Agree with IHM, religious fundamentalists are obsessed with sex.


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