Vatican: It’s Evil Conspiracy

Everyone knows that the Vatican has been protected it’s sexually errant priests for years but according to a suit filed by a group of 43 Alaska Natives against the Jesuit order, this evil conspiracy took a brutal turn in the 1960s and 1970s…

The suit “contends that pedophile priests unsuited to serve anywhere else were dumped on Alaska and put in remote villages with little or no law enforcement, making it virtually impossible for anyone to report them.”

The Athabascan and the Yup’ik cultures were specifically targetted because they wouldn’t talk…

This lawsuit is the latest “in an Alaska clergy scandal that involves more than 300 victims and about 40 accused perpetrators”

“Problem priests from seven Jesuit provinces in the United States as well as four other countries ended up in the rural villages, mostly in Western Alaska.”

“The suit asserts that the international leader of the Society of Jesus based in Rome shares the blame for the abuse because of negligent supervision of clergy.”

“Since 2004, the Jesuit order for the Northwest has paid $59 million to settle Alaska sexual abuse claims”

Now you know why I hate organized religion…

(Source: Anchorage Daily News)


10 thoughts on “Vatican: It’s Evil Conspiracy

  1. This is just another of the many cases of sexual exploitation, pedophilia, sodomy etc by priests that have been and are being reported from around the globe. One can imagine how many more remain unreported.

    Denial of sex is abnormal. Abstinence is an internal process, it cannot be imposed, and it does not mean just not having sex. Real abstinence is absence of thought and desire of sex. Without that, the more you suppress sex, the more you open the doors to sex crimes. The Church has been telling even ordinary individuals that sex is sin, except for procreation. No wonder people are so much into it!

    Osho had a terrific and logical take on the suppression of sex across religions in one form or another.


  2. Bones I hate organised religion (s) too.
    They have too much power and reverence!

    It isn’t just that this life makes them become pedophiles, I think unquestioned authority even attracts pedophiles to such careers.

    Too much authority, in fact reverence and then Vatican’s protection. It’s so horrible. Reminds me of The Kite Runner.


  3. God this is disgusting. Imagine sinning and that too in God’s name. Humans can rarely handle power well, religion combined with power is scary, real scary. I sometimes wish God would really appear, the way he does in movies and really teach these evil souls a lesson. Religion has to be personalised, not socialised, our path to a higher level has to be travelled by us alone, not in a group.


  4. Ajit:
    I was just surfing – I have a lot of free time these days with my daughter in school 🙂

    You’ve rightly pointed out that it’s about power and unquestioned authority and less about sex…That’s why these guys prey on the young…Even Hindu priests do it…The Devdasi system is an example…


  5. Yes Bones, Devdasi system was the worst, because here it was done very self righteously in the name of God!

    And giving up of young girls to a ‘devi’ called Yellamma in Karnataka. The girls are given up to serve God and hence to the priests! They later work as sex workers. This was also shown in a movie called ‘Giddha’.

    Can’t imagine how anybody can be convinced to do something like this! I can only imagine that they were coerced in the name of God or with threats of being ostracized. The priests had the power to do both.


  6. It is so shocking isn’t it? While pedophilics in the Church, has been widely known for sometime, guess we still do not know the true extent..

    As IHM says, it is the power and authority that attracts such people. As for the devdasi system – apparently people are big time brainwashed… It is indeed disgusting that ‘religion’ which is suppsed to elevate us to ‘higher levels’ of spirituality- actually is doing the exact opposite in so many instances..


  7. IHM:

    I think most of the girls who are given to the Devi are from backward classes – they are easy prey for the high class Brahmin priests…


  8. There is a religion in which the high and low priests wield tremendous power and the faithfuls obey the fatwas without questions.I have said this even tough will be called a communalist;I don’t give a dmn to waht so-called secularists and apologists say.


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