Are Sanjay and Manyata Dutt hoodwinking the public?

Yes, they are…The couple is trying to make us believe that theirs is a traditional Indian family in which the man of the house takes all the decisions…Give me a break!!!

“He has to take the decision. I take permission from him even if I have to go for coffee or dinner with friends. My priority is my family. He will decide if it is right or not right for me.”

(Manyata Dutt in a TV interview – TOI)

Isn’t this the same woman who did that raunchy item number in Prakash Jha’s movie Gangajal? She also did a B grade movie called Lovers Like Us, the rights of which have been bought by her husband so that nobody can see it (not that anybody did!)…I’m sure Mrs.Dutt’s parents didn’t say,”Ja beta, kaprhe utaar ke movie me naach le…” She did what she did because she wanted to…

As for Mr.Dutt, he has started believing that he is Munnabhai, the present day Gandhian…His political aspirations have obviously sprouted from a seed sown and watered by his wife (so much for tradition!)…To portray himself as an aam aadmi, he has suddenly become a MCP:

The actor recently said that there was only one “Mr and Mrs Dutt” in Pali Hill. When asked to clarify, he said,

“There’s nothing wrong in it. All I was trying to say is that it’s a tradition to keep your husband’s surname. Even Indira Gandhi took her husband’s surname.”


Sanjay Dutt has been married twice before…As far as I can remember, his former wives Richa Sharma and Rhea Pillai didn’t use the Dutt surname…Where was tradition then? He has lived-in with many women – was that traditional?

Our netas are masters of illusion and deception and Mr.and Mrs.Dutt have found themselves a good teacher in Amar Singh…I hope Sanjay Dutt’s stardom doesn’t overshadow his criminal past and deceptive and moronic character in the upcoming elections…People of Lucknow, please analyse and think before you vote! Don’t get taken in by the stardom!


22 thoughts on “Are Sanjay and Manyata Dutt hoodwinking the public?

  1. This is what the politicians think of us as a people. This is the caliber of the electorate according to them. They should be taught a bitter lesson and not allowed to get away with this.


  2. Sagarone:

    Yes, you’ve zeroed in on the problem…Politicians think the public is gullible and stupid…Unfortunately, they have been proven right time and again…We need a national organization committed to the political education of the electorate…I’m sure Sanjay Dutt will be elected because the electorate cannot see beyond filmi stardom…

    What’s in a name:

    Thanks and Welcome!


  3. Very well written bones. I second Whats in a name’s opinion. A country where the politicians play the tradition card is actually considering letting item girls and a three time married man enter the political arena. Hypocrisy.

    PS – There is a logo available on my site, if you want to use it.


  4. Brilliantly analysed Bones!!!

    I have been fuming and thinking they are being manipulative but couldn’t put it so clearly in words!!

    And I am linking this to both my posts on these two manipulators…


  5. Goofy Mumma:

    Thanks for your comment and allowing me to use the logo…I’ve added it to the post…


    Thanks a lot!!! Both you and Goofy Mumma have inspired me to look at things differently…


  6. hoodwinking the first step to a political career…

    brilliantly analyzed and you have put it together so well!

    got here form IHM’s post and am definitely coming back!


  7. hoodwinking the first step to a political career…

    brilliantly analyzed and you have put it together so well!

    got here form IHM’s post and am definitely coming back!


  8. Bones – Brilliant Post!!! You are so right – Sanjay Dutt and Manyata are definitely hoodwinking the public! The sad thing is that politicians think that they need to cater to the most extreme, the most ultra regressive, conservative section of society to get votes!!

    As ‘Whats in a name’ and Goofy Mumma said – this should be published in a more public forum!!!


  9. Wwo..Strong words,solid thoughts…

    This is all a biiiiiig drama,earler i was keen to watch and follow up but now i am bored with these stuff..They never stop amusing us..See Bones,this all happens,bcoz we are all a simple mass of dumbos who don’t bother to use our right to vote properly.Once we start using it and create awareness,not many will have the courage to become candidates like Dutt..We are a huge population and i wonder why we have little or none leaders who are worth it..Or are they hding somewhere??

    Great post..
    Good day.



  10. Munnabhai has become a politician and his wife is by his side. Of course they are conning us. Why else would they be attracted to this noblest of professions? That too in the saintly company of Mulayam-Amar &Co?


  11. Thanks Imp’s Mom and Smitha…

    You are right…I’ve always wondered why the right kind (honest and educated) of people don’t enter the political arena…It’s probably because of the way our political machinery works – it works on violence, threats and bribes…Educated and honest people cannot survive let alone do something good in this kind of an environment…

    I don’t know what the solution is…Awareness is important but remember, the majority of voters are in rural and semi-rural areas which are controlled by parties like their personal fiefdoms…


  12. Quirky Indian:

    Yes, we do…The only way to solve this problem is thru education and awareness…But the question is, who is going to do it?


  13. Amar Singh is a master manipulator in many fields So, he has picked Mr Dutt to pass him off as munnabhai to fool the public for political gain.
    Is his marriage to Manyata valid? And has Sanjay been cleared of all his anti national activities?


  14. Anonymous:

    Amar Singh is like a snake…He manages to slither out of awkward situations with ease…

    S.Dutt has been cleared of TADA charges but still has to be sentenced for the arms possession charges…Whether his marriage is valid or not, I don’t know…


  15. you are so very right…

    till now i used to feel a tad sorry for the fellow…but he has nicely put all those feelings out of me. He and his dhongi wife suck big time.


  16. I am planning to mail a couple of newspapers about our ‘Say No To Criminals in Politics’ campaign. Please let me know if I you mind my linking you up too. You can mail me at, by noon tomm. Also please mail me about any other blogs you know can be linked.


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