Mr.Rove, spare us!

In an article in the WSJ, Mr. Karl Rove pays tribute to his former boss Mr.George W. Bush’s decision making abilities:

To start with, Mr. Bush was right about Iraq. The world is safer without Saddam Hussein in power. And the former president was right to change strategy and surge more U.S. troops.

A legion of critics (including President Barack Obama) claimed it couldn’t work. They were wrong. Iraq is now on the mend, the war is on the path to victory, al Qaeda has been dealt a humiliating defeat, and a democracy in the heart of the Arab world is emerging. The success of Mr. Bush’s surge made it possible for President Obama to warn terrorists on Tuesday “you cannot outlast us….”

…At home, Mr. Bush cut income taxes for every American who pays taxes. He also cut taxes on capital, investment and savings. The result was 52 months of growth and the strongest economy of any developed country…

…He was right to have modernized Medicare with prescription drug benefits provided through competition, not delivered by government. The program is costing 40% less than projected because market forces dominate and people — not government — are making the decisions…

The most laughable paragraph:

And Mr. Bush, a man of core decency and integrity, was right not to reply in kind when Democratic leaders called him a liar and a loser. The price of trying to change the tone in Washington was to be often pummeled by lesser men.

(Karl Rove was Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush from 2000–2007 and Deputy Chief of Staff from 2004–2007)

My Comment: Mr.Rove, if Mr.Bush were so right how did he manage to leave such a mess?


5 thoughts on “Mr.Rove, spare us!

  1. Bush is already a part of history and Rove was a part of the team that decided to go for Iraq, no matter what. Bush’s actions will be interpreted and reinterpreted many times before historians finally decide what his legacy is.


  2. Is Al Quaida really quashed?Laden and his gang are still at large somewhere in Pakistan-Afganistan border wrecking havoc in Afganistan in collusion with the Taliban.In Iraq, car bombs still explode killing hundreds though democracy is still tottering.
    The US economy is in a mess and in a crisis.

    All this mess was supervised by George W.
    Give me a break Mr Rove.


  3. Bush may have got the lowest approval rating ever for any President…but it was never Zero! Now you know why.

    I don’t know whether the world is a safer place due to the departure of Saddam Hussein. But no one will disagree that it is a much safer place after the departure of “Quick gun Murugan” of Texas from the White House! Mind it!


  4. I feel it’s unfair that now Obama has the burden of clearing all this mess.
    He is the best we have, but he is human (and a very humane human) and there are such high expectations from him …


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