Lalu Goes Canadian

I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh when I read this in Hindustan Times this morning:

…Lalu (Prasad) is playing the role himself in the documentary “India Reborn” being shot by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

The only politician chosen by the CBC will be telling the story about his rise from the bucolic environs of his native Phulwaria village in remote Gopalganj district, where he spent his initial years as a cowherd, to becoming the minister of railways, the largest public sector undertaking in the country.

The four-hour documentary is to feature people from several walks of life including industry, information technology and agriculture who have left an indelible impact of their personality on the post-independence India.


8 thoughts on “Lalu Goes Canadian

  1. Hi!

    We should not be surprised at this.

    He seems to be acting a role even in real life. He will be in his element in front of the camera.

    Re: turning the fortunes of the Railways around- he has even lectured at IIM-A about this! Seems to be a miracle of Management acumen!


  2. Bones, he has successfully conned Biharis for decades, smoothly got the ‘smart’ media stars to declare that he is a superstar, floated triumphantly like you-know-what on the improved performance of the railways, thanks to what his predecessor Nitish Kumar did and the huge surge in the economy etc. Are you surprised?

    But you never know. He may well have been asked to play himself to provide comic relief as well as warn the world that India is not all about Narayana Murthy…it still has these disgraceful relics strutting around the national stage as fake peacocks.


  3. Manju:
    Welcome! Not only has Laluji lectured at IIM-A but also in Japan He recently went there)…But as Vinod says, one should remember that the process of turning around the Railways (the largest public sector undertaking) started with Nitish Kumar…Lalu just reaped the benefits…Nobody can turn around such a behemoth in a year…Lalu has taken credit for it which is wrong…

    But the guy is funny (he needs to trim hsi nose and ear hair), really funny…I enjoy watching his interviews…


  4. Lalu is a canny person and I believe he plays to the gallery by being funnier than he normally is.All this is deliberate. No one can turn around the Railways in a year or two. Remember, he his firt proposal was to use erthenwa re pots,khadi etc in the railways? All that had to be scrapped quickly. He is not only reaping the benefits of Nitish Kumar but there must some smart guys in the Railway Board.
    As to the Canadiab documentary, they seem to focussed on rural India and so the choice fell oln Lalu.
    Have the IIM guys benefited by his talk?That’s of significance.


  5. No surprises there. Lalu loves the limelight. At least we can be assured that the Canadian show will be entertaining, if lacking in substance.


  6. Solilo:
    Unfortunately, it seems so…I don’t know why the CBC couldn’t find a better politician…I wonder if they are going to include the destruction of Bihar in their documentary…


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