Capitalism at its best

Recently a 22-year-old college graduate with a BA in Women’s Studies was in the news for auctioning her virginity online…The highest bid – $3.8 million…This is her logic:

Like most little girls, I was raised to believe that virginity is a sacred gift a woman should reserve for just the right man. But college taught me that this concept is just a tool to keep the status quo intact. Deflowering is historically oppressive—early European marriages began with a dowry, in which a father would sell his virginal daughter to the man whose family could offer the most agricultural wealth. Dads were basically their daughters’ pimps.

When I learned this, it became apparent to me that idealized virginity is just a tool to keep women in their place. But then I realized something else: if virginity is considered that valuable, what’s to stop me from benefiting from that? It is mine, after all. And the value of my chastity is one level on which men cannot compete with me. I decided to flip the equation, and turn my virginity into something that allows me to gain power and opportunity from men. I took the ancient notion that a woman’s virginity is priceless and used it as a vehicle for capitalism.

My Comment: Her body, her property, her choice

A male Sri Ram Sena member’s comment: Her body, my property, my choice


15 thoughts on “Capitalism at its best

  1. hahahaha 😛

    her body, my property, my choice…

    good one….
    but yes, this is taking capitalism to the next level… and i heard that some some one has offerred her millions…. 😛


  2. Bones, if one virgin can get a man to shell out $ 3.8 million, is it any surprise that guys die laughing knowing that they are going to get not one but 72 of them up there…for free!


  3. True, very true Vinod…Who can blame them…Just the of thought of 72 nubile nymphets makes them believe in whatever they are told…What a marketing strategy!!! This is again capitalism at its best…


  4. Bones,

    More than the post I was LOLing @ “yes, 3.8 million dollars!!! I wish I had thought of this – would have been set for life!!! :)”


  5. Kislay…so you are on the block?!

    Try what she did…of course you will find it difficult to ‘prove’ your virginity..can you?

    Keep us informed of the bids made and the price you finally get! You never know which rich billionairess may surprise a handsome young man like you! All the best!


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