The Pope brings joy to the American far right

The American Christian conservatives are happy…Pope Benedict XVI has given them an early Easter gift…He has appointed an Austrian Bishop who thinks like them…

This is what Gerhard Maria Wagner, the new Bishop, had to say

about Hurricane Katrina in 2005:

It is surely not an accident that all five of New Orleans’ abortion clinics, as well as nightclubs were destroyed…It’s not just any old city that has gone under, but the people’s dream city with the ‘best brothels and the most beautiful whores’.

about the Tsunami in 2004:

…it was no coincidence that the Tsunami disaster had occurred at Christmas, inferring that it was punishment for “rich western tourists” who had “fled to poor Thailand”.

In 2001 he warned children against reading JK Rowling’s novels about the boy wizard Harry Potter, describing them as spreading satanism…

This controversial appointment comes after the Pope revoked the excommunication after two decades of four schismatic bishops (members of St. Pius X Society and opposers of Vatican II) one of whom Bishop Richard Williamson in a Swedish state TV interview said that historical evidence is hugely against six million Jews having been deliberately gassed by the Nazis during the Holocaust…

Now the Vatican has joined Sri Ram Sena and the Uttar Pradesh Board of Madrassa Education (UPBME) in wanting to take us back to the Middle Ages…Ultimate unity – Hindu, Muslim, Christian bhai bhai


9 thoughts on “The Pope brings joy to the American far right

  1. It seems all religion leads to excuses to hate and pretension of hate to anything related to sex. Having any fun is the most sinful act of all …
    They take everything else very seriously but not any offenses against women!
    Do you think Bones that sexual assaults and sex related crimes are trivialized in India?


  2. My answer to your question “Do you think Bones that sexual assaults and sex related crimes are trivialized in India?” is yes, they are…Why else do men not think twice in participating in such activities to promote their own agendas? What is sad about sex crimes in India is the lack of seriousness with which such crimes are often treated…The problem is exacerbated by the fact that rape laws are inadequate and definitions so narrow that prosecution of such crimes is difficult…

    Why do guys love sharing jokes about the physical attributes of women and rape? It is because generally guys are inherently sexist…The majority of men will never truly understand the issue of rape because they don’t ever envision themselves as the ‘victim’…The issue is about empathy, not sympathy…And because men cannot truly empathize with a victim of rape, they don’t take it as seriously as they should, and end up seeming crass and insensitive…


  3. This Austrian Bishop, like all religious bigots, has got some of his basic facts wrong. The Tsunami hit Asia on December 26, not Christmas and killed very few Christians!…Thank God he did not say it was God’s wrath upon those who had not yet converted. New Orleans “most beautiful whores” may have suffered but more ordinary blacks suffered the most…and Las Vegas and the porn hub, LA, are still going great guns!


  4. 🙂 I was wondering whether the bishop knows reasons for the current recession as well.
    It might help the financial wizards to crack the problem, and get back into gear.


  5. I wonder how the new Bishop will deal with the new atmosphere in American society subsequent to the election of President Obama.

    The Bishop obviously does not believe in change or logical thinking.


  6. Manju:
    I think the majority of men are like The Bishop in that they don’t want the status quo to change…That’s why chauvinist organisations like the Sri Ram Sena are finding support amongst men and that’s why the Pope is trying to take the Vatican back to the good old days…


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