What is happening, people??!!!

I am depressed…Why? First the media had fun with sex crimes and child abuse, now they are targeting the mentally and physically disabled…All for what? MONEY!!!

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are producing a new MTV series called ‘How’s Your News?’ It is a news programme in which the ‘journalists’ are people with physical and mental disabilities…

Creator Arthur Bradford:

We had a lot of fun shooting this series. Everywhere we went people would stare at the bus and come up and talk to us. For me, as the director, it was often exhausting and sometimes stressful, like when one of our reporters would have a seizure or shit their pants in the middle of shooting something important. Both of these things happened more than I’d like to recall. But it was overall a pretty magical experience and the fact this this show is now going to air on primetime and be available to so many households across America is something we should all rejoice in.

Producer Matt Stone:

The How’s Your News crew is about redefining expectations and the show is by far their best work. It is my favorite show on television…



6 thoughts on “What is happening, people??!!!

  1. This is creativity at its “Wall Street” worst…money at all costs, ethics and human dignity be damned. Another lot with “holes in souls”!


  2. Just read the article via the link..and I think that what the guy dimisses as just a reaction is the main problem here…”Aren’t all those kids going to laugh for all the wrong reasons?” …”thats the major problem…people will watch it for kicks..
    and also its about money in the end as you said….I dont understand…how will this change people’s perceptions…

    I dont know…will watch it…am unsure about this right now..maybe (if a miracle occurs)they just might do it sensitively?and it might work…
    Lets see..

    @Vinod Sir:-not able to post any comment on yours..:(


  3. I do not like such programmes. These handicapped people were chosen ‘because’ they are handicapped, not ‘in spite’ of their being handicapped.


  4. Manju:

    I guess people like watching stuff like this – I mean why else would they create such a show? Voyeurism…I think the people who watch such shows are the ones who are mentally challenged – having fun at a disadvantaged person’s expense…Repulsive…


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