Is Pramod Muthalik unintelligent?

There has been a lot of discussion about Pramod Muthalik and his Sri Ram Sene lately…He’s been called a bigot, an anti-social, a goonda, a mad man and even unintelligent…He may be an insane bigot but what he’s not is unintelligent…He may be a class 5 drop-out but that is no measure of his intelligence and ambition…This guy was born ambitious – his aim in life was to gain power and control (maybe even money)…What could he do to achieve these goals? Remember, Muthalik grew up in Belgaum, a very conservative area, during a period when the wounds of partition were still raw…He figured out that by preying on this ‘rawness’ (by harping about Hindu solidarity) he could achieve his goals…So, he joined the RSS (at age 13) and the Bajrang Dal but after a few years realized that he wasn’t getting anywhere…By this time, the schism between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ had increased; the gap started widening even more rapidly with the opening up of the economy…The ‘have-not’ youth who could not participate in the new India were discontented and disenchanted with the government and the existing political parties…Muthalik saw an opportunity and started his own party Sri Ram Sene, a more militant version of the Bajrang Dal, by recruiting from the disenchanted segment of the Hindu population…He blamed all the Hindu youth’s problems on the Muslims and the Congress Party for supporting the Muslims…He started militant training camps to ‘protect’ Indians (read: Hindus) from anti-national elements (read: Muslims)…His logic: Since the police were ineffective, it was up to the patriotic Hindu youth to take up arms to protect the country from Muslim terrorists…He made inflammatory speeches, was mentioned in the news (on page 16) but just couldn’t get the front page headline he so desperately desired…

Then in January 2009 with the Lok Sabha elections round the corner, Muthalik decided to do something drastic to get his and his organization’s name on the front page of every newspaper in the country…He decided to attack young urban women (attacking rural women would go unnoticed) and informed news channels beforehand…As he had predicted, his henchmen’s actions got him the publicity 45 criminal cases couldn’t…

So, I ask – is he unintelligent or are we for keeping him in the news?


16 thoughts on “Is Pramod Muthalik unintelligent?

  1. If your research on Muthalik’s history is factual, then your analysis is correct.However, his intelligence is misguided and runs on a wrong wrong track.


  2. He has certainly got the attention of a lot of people. He seems like a puppeteer who pulls the strings to make everyone-whether on his side or opposed to him- jump the way he wants them to.

    Beats me how this benefits him in the coming elections.


  3. Manju:
    Once a party is known, there will be like minded voters…He failed to gain a seat in the last assembly elections…Now that he and his party are known, maybe just maybe they’ll win a seat…


  4. If you have read Khushwant Singh’s selhi, towards the end there is one such character- who joins the RSS – the same goonish behavior among other things- there is an excellent write up on Tehelka this week about these guys.


  5. Bones the kind of men we will not employ for most unskilled jobs – or the kind of men we don’t trust for anything else, will actually represent us !
    That’s where judiciary should interfere and stop him.
    It’s a frightening thought.


  6. I find your ilk frustrated and clueless on what’s happening. The Gen Y, Z are the ones who are unintelligent.

    Only the urban dumbos like you believe in gandhigiri and candle light vigils. The rang de basanti crowd and the bandra kids with zero brains and absolutely no sense of self worth. The ones who in the name of a green movement clean up the rivers with a plastic glove which is thrown out in the same pile once the charade is done.

    I guess its easy to find who is brainless go use the mirrors dumbos.

    Muthalik is the voice of thousands. He speaks for us the ones who you chose to drown with your fake accents.

    More power to him.



  7. I really agree with you. People like muthalik are in no way foolish, they are cunning to the hilt and use their brains well to get what they want, howe ver it is possible.

    I see a comment from Shiv, and cannot stop myself from telling him, intelligent or not, fake accents or not, its their life, just as yours is yours, what is needed is freedom to live life on your own terms. No one is pulling you into pubs or discs against your will,and similairly no one has the right to pull anyone out of them. Molesters and criminals are the people you are saying more power to? God you need help!!


  8. Bones it’s frightening that many people might believe Raj Thakre/Muthalik/Bajrang Dal/and other gangs in India when they say they are going to save the culture/religion/language by attacking innocent citizens minding their own business, and in the name of OUR Gods who fought to make goodness win over evil.
    That is why we need judiciary’s help sometimes to uphold the constitution…. the vast majority is being kept illiterate and uneducated for votes.
    Whose empty stomach’s will they brain wash with culture/religion/language/morals talk if everybody learnt to question and demand.

    A girl of sixteen committed suicide in Karnataka after being humiliated by another attack and humiliation by these molesters, she was taken to the Police station for talking to a boy from another religion. It seems there are many in Karnataka who accept Taliban only for the weak and for women. If they dared to to behave like this in front of the cameras just think how far they will go behind the cameras?
    Long rant ….what to do, our Pink Chaddi Campaign might protect us (somewhat) but there is no one to help these girls who are convinced that their izzat is more precious than their young lives. That these hoodlums not they are impure …


  9. I think Muthalik too like some of those fanatics thought that easy way to get name and fame is to do something drastic which will shock the nation. Beating up women did just that. He didn’t stop there but went a step further by opening moral policing saloons esp. for Feb 14.

    All this was giving him high but the Pink Campaign definitely for sure dampened his spirit. Whatever he says now, he is humiliated. This thing is forever going to be associated with his name. Sure! negative publicity is also a publicity but this was something least expected.

    Nothing works anymore. Govt. biased keep quiet. These goons get on with their antics. At least more humiliation may work. I am positive about it.


  10. IHM:
    I read the story about the young girl commiting suicide this morning and I was aghast…Why? Because the police sided with the molesters…Even if our Constitution says India is secular i.e. religion should not play a role in affairs of the state, the state doesn’t think so…

    You need help…You’ve obviously received your education from English medium institutions which means you have taken advantage of the West but subsequently have failed to channelise this advantage properly…You seem to be jealous and bitter…Violence never solves anything, remember that…


  11. Well analysed Bones. We always assume that education means intelligence….he might not be educated, but he’s more intelligent than most of us.

    We are so divided on the basis of language, caste, religion that people like Muthalik will always find supporters.

    Not happy? Beat up an “outsider”.

    Quirky Indian


  12. wanted to comment and say that’s a pretty accurate analysis Bones…

    but find myself zapped by that shiv dude there…what a loser!and living in his own delusion..

    and its not intelligence on the part of Muthalik, Bones..its insanity of a different kind….we have a lot of them in India…
    why do they get encouraged.?coz we already have notorious criminals and charge sheeters sitting in Parliament…these goons get their’inspiration’ from there..

    To call it @intelligence ‘ is as misleading as calling them ‘moral police’


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