Thanks Indyeah for tagging me…Sorry for the delay…Here goes:
1) The age I will be on my next birthday

37! Why am I happy? Because it is closer to 40 and I’ve heard the 40s are the best years…

2)A place you would like to travel
Let’s see…I would really like to see Rome… Why? Because of its rich history and beautiful architecture…

3) My favourite place is

home with my family, books, music and TV…

4. My favourite food is
pasta and my favourite drink is

white wine
5. My favourite colour combination is
Blue and Grey

6. My favourite piece of clothing is

Levi’s 501s to be exact…I have more than 10 pairs…They are extremely comfortable…
7. My favourite sitcom is
the funniest show ever! And the best thing is that it is set in NYC, my favourite city…
8. I live in
Gurgaon, the supposed Millennium City…

9. My first job was working at the

Deli counter of Woolworth’s in Sydney, Australia when I was in class 11…
10. I’m scared of
losing a loved one

11. Some of my favourite songs are

12. The first thing I’ll buy if I get a million dollars

is my own house with a room for a library


12 thoughts on “Tagged!!!

  1. Your are one of the few women in the world who reveal their years so easily!! I am inspired to revise my age too…it was eighteen last…I am now 21!


  2. Vinod,
    I want people to know my age so that they’ll stop treating me like a kid…My maids who are 10-15 yrs. younger talk to me as if I were 20!!! I’ve started greying and I have decided not to colour my hair…I want to look my age!!!:)


  3. You know, the net is a great platform…people can talk to you as equals without the deference generated by knowledge of the age gap. I enjoy that.


  4. Bones*applause*for a tag well done indeed!
    And just saw that q on the last post about doing it without the pics?lol!!
    See how great it looks with pics and all!and gosh you were darn prompt!!
    I am happy to see all the pics and beautifully chosen too:)

    Well.about the age!way to go!one of the few women who says it bindaas!
    Its cool and well when you reach there lemme know…so I will look forward to it too:)
    beautiful pics of home and the library..very inviting…and cosy!

    Blue and grey..unusual and awesome now that I look at it..:)

    The exact one too..jeans:D
    yeah great to live in..practically..
    Seinfield…hmm….yeah (forgot the name of that curly haired goofy guy)
    Awesome library pics…
    what amazing songs specially Bohemian one..
    come on did you enjoy doing this a teeny weeny bit ?:)coz I loved reading it…showed me another side of you..:)

    lol !Vinod Sir for 21!2 years in a few weeks!!you were 18 when you did my tag:D


  5. Got here from Indyeah’s Blog 🙂

    And I am struck by yet another coincidence, that I keep meeting at all the bloggers who have been tagged 🙂 This time, it’s Bohemian Rhapsody.. :)An old old favourite!



  6. Guys,
    That picture of the house is not mine though I wish it were…I’ve never lived in my parent’s or my own home (always company or rented places)and my one dream is to have a place which I can call my own…
    Thanks for the comments!


  7. Bones, You are right. There’s no need to hide age. We are what we are. As Mr.Sharma says on virtual life mostly people trear you as their equal.

    Love all the pictures and we have some similarities too. All of us actually who loves being at home and scared of losing a dear one.


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