I’ve been tagged, again!

Thanks IHM for the tag…

25 random things about me:

1. I am extremely sensitive
2. I own over 10 pairs of jeans , countless cotton t-shirts & three salwar kameezes…I last wore a saree 1.5 years ago…I don’t like synthetic stuff – only cotton…I hate wearing sweaters & try to make do with sweatshirts and fleece jackets which can sometimes be difficult in Gurgaon
3. I love music
4. I hate shopping
5. I hate heaters especially blowers
6. I am easygoing, non-confrontational
7. I like sketching although I haven’t done it for a while
8. I can’t sing at all
9. I prefer summers to winters…I’m waiting to wear shorts
10. I don’t own a single pair of high heeled shoes
11. I don’t like jewellery
12. I love watches especially Swiss ones
13. I’m glad my hair has started greying – now people will believe my age!
14. I love reading and my wish is to have my own library room at home
15. I’m a bad judge of character
16. I’m an ok cook although I can’t cook vegetarian stuff and fish
17. I’m finicky about cleanliness especially kitchens and bathrooms (Maa, don’t laugh!)
18. I like staying at home…Hate going out at night especially to clubs & bars-had my fill during college…I don’t mind going to friends’ places nearby where I can take my daughter…We’ve never left her at night with my maid
19. Love movies although haven’t been to the theatre much since my daughter was born
20. I hate chocolates, ice-creams and sandesh
21. I’m scared to speak in public…I used to tremble while making presentations at work…Thank god I didn’t sweat though – would have been terrible
22. I tend to speak very fast when I’m nervous
23. I’m easy going
24. I get irritated very fast especially with maids when they don’t listen to my instructions properly…I don’t shout at them though
25. I believe in tolerence; I don’t believe in traditions just for the heck of it…If I see the logic, it’s fine


8 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged, again!

  1. Bones when is your birthday??
    We have to have some common sign!!

    I too own many (must check, maybe eight or ten…), plenty of sweat shirts, haven’t worn salwar kameezes for god knows how long …

    I love music, I hate shopping ..
    I am easy going, non-confrontational,
    Can’t sing but do sing …
    No high heels, and hate jewelery…
    I love reading too …
    I love staying at home or go to familiar places (a fav club, friends’ homes)..
    Finicky about a clean and pretty kitchen, I love my kitchen 🙂
    I don’t like chocolates, but LOVE Ras Malai/Kalakand?kaju barfi

    I believe in tolerence;
    I get nervous but don’t mind public speaking, I enjoy being on stage…
    I don’t believe in traditions just for the heck of it…If I see the logic, it’s fine.

    I am amazed to find so much in common!


  2. Hey,
    I am a bit extra sensitive too, but i believe I have improved on that over the years.

    have not worn a saree in AGES, really. I have many salwaaar kameezes, but am mostly using the two pairs of jeans I have. And I need more shirts/tops etc to go with them. And I love shopping.
    I wear only flats too, such a hassle finding decent ones.
    I used to get irritated by my maids too, never shouted either. hehehe.
    I too believe in tradition when I see logic. Really. I follow so many due to the same reason really!!

    Loved reading your list Bones.:)


  3. “17. I’m finicky about cleanliness especially kitchens and bathrooms “

    Me too. No one can ever find my home messy.

    You are first Bengali I know who hates Sondesh.


  4. IHM:
    I’m a Cancerian…

    My mother says I’m a pseudo-Bengali because I don’t like sweets and fish…She can gobble down 1/2 kg of sandesh in one go…


  5. Hello Mam, found your blog tagged in some other post… much in common except for 1, 8, 12, 13 n 20. Love your writings and the way you drive the point home with a hammer (sarcasm) while being objective… but feels weird commenting after 2-3 years…


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