I Want To Barf!

This vicious full-page anti-gay ad sponsored by America Forever ran in the Salt Lake Tribune on Sunday, February 15…

My first instinct was to laugh because I thought it was a satire but apparently this group is legitimate…It is stupid & wrong on many levels (this is what happens when you look at your moronic self as a model)…Firstly, look at the layout…These guys really need to hire a good graphic designer (I think they have used 50 different fonts) and a good copywriter (badly reasoned & too much text) if they want to come out with more ads and want to be taken seriously …This ad is not only offensive to homosexuals, it is also offensive to my eyes!

Secondly, if this ad had referred to any other minority group, it would never have seen the light of day…
I particularly love the captions “This is not about Hate or Civil Rights” and “Homosexuality is not a race!” – as if loathing gay people is not being hateful and race is the only thing discrimination can apply to! Oh, and the sentence “Like in California, it is the backdoor they need to overthrow the Marriage Amendment” is really funny…
In case you are wondering, the Common Ground Initiative is a legislative push that would offer inheritance and medical-decision-making rights to same-sex couples and make it illegal to fire or evict someone for being gay or transgender…
America Forever uses the term “anti-species” instead of homosexual, lesbian and gay, on the grounds that homosexuality does not continue the human species…

Update: America Forever is happy…The final segment of the Common Ground Initiative,HB160, failed to pass in the Utah legislature today (Feb 18)…

Probably the most frustrating part for the bill’s supporters is that HB160
obviously was dead before the House Judiciary Committee convened… Strikingly,
few committee members bothered to ask questions, prompting chairwoman Rep. Lorie Fowlke to remark: “My, we have a quiet committee today.” Rep. Keith Grover, R-Orem, idly surfed the Web on his laptop as unmarried couples told of their
fears that they would not be able to care medically, financially and emotionally
for “the person who matters to me most.” The bill’s sponsor Rep. Jennifer Seelig, later said she was disappointed with the committee’s lethargy. She was offended that her efforts were characterized by the right-wing Sutherland Institute as “mendacious.” Seelig says she will reintroduce a similar bill next year:
The issue of equality is not going away.


6 thoughts on “I Want To Barf!

  1. Ouch! That hurt my mind and eyes. The ad that is. Indeed how intolerant and narrow minded the human race is growing each day.
    btw, are you into advertising? I see so many ad-related posts here.


  2. like GM said Ouch!hurt my eyes and my grey cells…they are dying..what the?what an ad to publish!
    And narrow mindedness..applies to all things equally…and discrimination too applies equally to all issues..not just to race…seriously like you say..what a moron!


  3. Goofy Mumma:
    Yes, I was in advertising…
    I really can’t understand how people can hate so much…At least these guys just took out an ad, they didn’t go and bash up gay people…


  4. America Forever is run by a Mexican sister and brother team – not Mormons…These guys apparantly first started a NGO which fought for the rights of children of illegal Mexicans…Now they’ve upgraded themselves to more controversial and headline grabbing causes…


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