Are We Indians, Err, Uncivilized?

I’ve come to the conclusion that Indians prefer goondagiri to Gandhigiri despite the success of the Munnabhai movies…How else can you explain our penchant for molesting girls, destroying property and physically harming innocents in order to further our personal agendas? Educated or uneducated, civilians or politicians – it doesn’t matter…If we don’t like something, we resort to violence to get our point across…Why? Why can’t we be more civilized?

A violent clash between the police and advocates led to a lathi charge against lawyers at the Madras High Court on Thursday. A number of lawyers and a judge were injured. The High Court turned into a war zone as lawyers began to throw stones at the police demanding the release of one lawyer arrested for assaulting Janata Party resident Subramanian Swamy on Wednesday.

If the arrested lawyer really did assault Mr.Swamy, then what did the police do wrong?Even if he were wrongly arrested, is violence the answer?

Then we have our representatives in parliament who love unruliness…

Enraged at the Members of Parliament for their unruly behaviour, Speaker Somnath Chatterjee said, “You do not deserve one paisa of public money”.Members of several political parties stormed the Well of Lok Sabha raising a spate of issues and disrupted Question Hour.

How can I leave out Madam Banerjee and her Trinamool thugs in Bengal who have taken goondagiri to a new level…These idiots think nothing of manhandling innocents and vandalising property in the name of democracy…

Are we not humans? Aren’t we supposed to have self control? At least once a month a news item appears in which a jilted lover throws acid on his (it is usually a he) girlfriend’s face…Why?Because his ego was bruised…So?

Westerners think Indians are peaceful and spiritual…B.S….We are just the opposite…We don’t care for our surroundings and others, just ourselves and we’ll do anything to further our personal agendas…I feel like laughing when thugs like Pramod Muthalik talk about our ancient culture and civilization – do people like him even know the meaning of civilization and being civilized?


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