Why I don’t like politics

My interest in politics is next to zero because I feel that the political game and politicians are rotten…Look at our politicians – is there even one worthy of being called a statesman? No…Why? Because politics is a nasty business -it has a habit of corrupting people and attracting those who want only power and money…If you notice, most of our politicians don’t have a predilection for public service and a passion for solving problems using democratic institutions (prime eg. Indira Gandhi who furthered her quest for power by resorting to undemocratic means)…They support policies that will benefit them personally…

Politics is about compromise – one has to do things to get elected and stay in power that one wouldn’t do otherwise…To get elected and/or to remain in power, people have to compromise on their beliefs and values and it is this that keeps a lot people with integrity out of the political arena…It is not that well meaning people don’t get into politics but often they may not get elected (especially if they stand as independents) because of the lack of funds, clout and support of the general public…The fact of the matter is that in political life if one wants to succeed, one has to be backed by an already established political party… This is not to say that new parties with a vision and wanting change won’t come up (eg. Lok Patritran) but it’ll take them years to gain support and make a difference especially if they stick to their beliefs and values and resist the established game politicians play…

Politics has a habit of attracting the wrong kind of people because of the money and power involved…For this reason, it also attracts criminals…Being an elected MP or MLA not only allows them to further their criminal aspirations, it also legitimizes them…They get party tickets because of their political ‘contacts’ (read politicians who they have bribed) and once they are elected, they don’t have to worry about getting caught…

Even though India is a democratic country, political parties are not…They are ruled by dynasties or a few senior members…Any member who does not toe the party line or disagrees with the ruling elite will be booted out…So, how does a principled person with more gumption than I have make an impact in this kind of a scenario?

Since we are a democratic country, how do these no-gooders get elected? They get elected because their constituents (who display the same trait as them) vote for them…The fact of the matter is that people are individualistic and always look out for themselves, not the general welfare of the nation…Thus they vote for leaders who will cater to their personal interests and these leaders in turn only support causes which will get them votes and let them remain in power and make money…The love of money is the root of all evil…

I know I’m going to get a lot of flak for this post and I hope not everyone thinks like me…I hope there are people in this country who are not perennial complainers like me, who will never compromise on their integrity and have the gumption to stand up to the existing political machinery and do good for the country…
Edited to Add:
Karnataka chief minister B S Yeddyurappa now has the dubious distinction of being India’s No.1 WTF CM…Reason: He has earmarked RS.130cr in the budget for temples and mutts…

By the CM’s own admission, it is to propitiate the divine forces to show mercy on Karnataka and ward off sins committed by his predecessors.

This revelation by the CM was made, when former dy CM Siddaramaiah, who has presented seven budgets in the past, scoffed at him in the assembly on Thursday for making such a huge allocation to temples and mutts. The CM’s response: “There are no rains and food production has fallen due to the sins committed by various people in the past. I believe in God. I have allocated money so that Gods will be pleased and shower mercy on us.”

Now you know why I think all politicians are idiots?


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