Another Criminal Enters Politics

This post was inspired by an observation a fellow blogger made about how people have not protested former cricketer Azharuddin’s entry into politics…It is true…None of us have…As I see it, politics is the right profession for him…He has experience in fixing things for money without thinking of his fans or his country…He’ll be a good politician by being a disgrace to our country…And guess which party he has joined – the Congress, a party of cheaters and manipulators…He’s going to be projected as the party’s new Muslim face, to take on the All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen…Okay, a lot of people may say his involvement in fixing matches has never been proven in court but obviously there was some evidence otherwise he wouldn’t have been banned from cricket…I mean, Sanjay Dutt was declared a non terrorist by the court and yet we had a problem with him joining politics, so why don’t we have a problem with Azharuddin joining politics?They were both involved in illegal activities and therefore both should not be allowed to contest elections…


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