Am I A ‘Real’ Indian?

Lately, I’ve been wondering if I’m a ‘fake’ Indian…Don’t laugh…According to the media, ‘real’ Indians are those who live in poverty and squalor and not those who live a more comfortable life in urban areas…I understand that 77% of our population lives in poverty (and as a country, we have huge problems) but what about the 23% who don’t? Aren’t they Indians? What makes India exciting is its diversity and that includes the diversity in incomes and lifestyles…Mukesh Ambani is as much a ‘real’ Indian as a poor farmer in Vidharba so why does the media insist that only the latter is a ‘real’ Indian? Just because I speak English and went to English medium schools and colleges doesn’t mean I’m totally removed from reality…Reality is all around me – my existence is a reality and not a dream…


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