IHM, Ordinary Guy and Indyeah convinced me to move to WordPress…I’ve always liked the look of it…The comment threading system which is incorporated in the platform convinced me to take the plunge…Since Blogger is easier to use, I started on it when I started blogging…But it has its problems…I didn’t really like any of the templates and also the commenting system…I tried to incorporate comment threading into Blogger via Intense Debate but received a lot of complaints especially from IHM :-)…

This Blog is still a work in progress – I’m yet to figure out its intricacies…Blogger is definitely easier to use…It is simpler to upload videos and the Blogroll gets updated automatically…Thanks Chirag for helping me create my Blogroll here…

In case you are wondering where your comments from the previous posts went, I’m sorry to tell you that they couldn’t make it here…They are still on Intense Debate…


10 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hey Bones, so you succumbed to the temptation of WordPress, too!

    I have to agree with all of you about the comments feature here. Much better than blogger. 🙂


  2. Welcome 🙂

    Delighted to see you here 🙂
    Comments feature isn’t all, there are also the Stats, the Readomatic, and the best part is you lose nothing… I didn’t understand about comments not importing? I imported all my comments, but had to try it many times, like authorise it again, and refresh it, and then try importing again… I eventually got all but the newest comments.


  3. I am late here:) but this was the one thing that got me all excited when I saw your old bloggerupdate 😀 before I got sidetracked by your ‘have you ever’ post 😀
    welcome 🙂 and may you have commenst and friends galore 😀
    yippee!! another friend here 😀


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