Tag: Five Things I Love About Being A Mother

Goofy Mumma passed on this tag to me…Thanks! Instead of doing it in point form, I thought I’d write a paragraph or two about my feelings…

When I became pregnant, I didn’t know what to feel…You see, I was never the ‘mothering’ kind and although I liked children and loved being a mashi (aunt), I didn’t wish to be a mother…Then it happened…The pregnancy went along fine and I was happy to learn that I was going to have a daughter (I was in the US so it was all legal)…I still didn’t have any maternal feelings…I thought they would come automatically as the months went along, but they didn’t…I was very upset when I still didn’t have any feelings when I saw my daughter for the first time…I remember asking the nurse who brought her to me if she was fine and then went off to sleep (I had a c-section and was still groggy)…The second day was worse because both my husband and I were very scared – we didn’t know how to hold our daughter (she was very small – 2.55 kgs) or what to do…We were very awkward with her…I think I even cried a bit…I thought I was a bad mother because I didn’t feel anything…Thankfully, we had our baby in Kolkata and my parents were there…I don’t know what I would have done without them…

The first so called ‘maternal feeling’ dawned on me in the second week…It was then that I fell in love with my daughter…I had this sudden feeling that I needed to protect her, do anything and everything for her…

Now my daughter is 4 1/2 years old – a young adult…These days my time is spent in discipling her, getting her to eat and answering her questions (it can be very irritating especially since she repeats a question at least 10 times even if I’ve answered it)…I’m still scared because I don’t know if I’m raising her right…I’m doing the best I can – I guess that’s all I can do anyway…

A classic quote from Steven Chu, US Energy Secretary and winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics, on motherhood:

Was anyone in your family impressed when you won the Nobel Prize in Physics?

Probably, but who knows? I called my mother up when they announced the Nobel Prize, waiting until 7 in the morning. She said, “That’s nice — and when are you going to see me next?”


16 thoughts on “Tag: Five Things I Love About Being A Mother

  1. Bones, I had a smile while reading ” I was never the ‘mothering’ kind………..”

    I wasn’t one either and I din’t even like kids. When people used to ask us about kids, I used to think what is with people. And then slowly I craved for it and from the time I got pregnant, it changed me.

    Your write-up is so touching. When is she turning 5? 2004 born? Same as Peanut.


    • She’s was born in August 2004…

      Well, my husband and I were very happy with our lives and then I got pregnant…Since I’m quite sure I won’t be able to handle another kid, we’ve decided to stick to one…


  2. That is cute bundle of joy that you brought into this world. Don’t be scared about raising her right…if you “discipline her” too much out of some sort of fear like this, you might wind up making her a rebel. She is just four and a half!


    • Well, my disciplining efforts don’t work because she doesn’t listen to me! She knows I’m a softie even though I try to be strict and she takes full advantage of it…Her father has to say something once and she does it…


  3. I had the same fear while holding her first! They look so fragile, they are so fragile…

    It’s very common to feel that maternal love only after the first few days!

    Babies are such a time consuming, exhausting business, I remember looking forward to having them fast asleep so I could sit peacefully for some time, it seems the whole routine was based on the time they will be peacefully sleeping 🙂


    • But many believe that not having maternal love the instant you see your child is unnatural…

      Even though my daughter is 4.5 yrs., I still look forward to her bed time and I dread holidays…


  4. Bones, I really had a tear in my eye, reading about your maternal feeling sprouting out, you wanting to do anything and everything for your daughter. Beautifully written. Oh! your new born looks so adorable. I feel like cuddling her right this minute. Thanks for doing the tag so soon, and so very well!!


  5. Bones, That was incredibly sweet and touching!!

    The first few days were tough – your post brought back memories.. We have snaps of both me and my daughter crying together – my daughter took ages to latch on..

    You have done this tag so beautifully!!! And your newborn does look adorable….


  6. Very nice one bones… yesterday I went to a marriage where I have seen one of my cousin sister’s baby. She is just 25 days old and only 2.75 kgs.. very difficult to hold and to touch itself I feared.. very soft.. 🙂


  7. (((Hugs))for the little darling..
    Sraboney you said it …the maternal feeling doesnt come as if by magic as society expects new mothers to have foolishly..
    my cousin suffered from post partum depression and ppl thought she was a bad mother..
    it was only later that she came out of it and is a loving mom now:)

    ((hugs))for you and your princess:)
    god bless:)


    • Yes, our society makes it hard for us to express our real feelings…Tom Cruise doesn’t believe in post partum depression – you see he has given birth to many children and knows how it feels…


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