The Middle Class: A Society Of Whingers

Recently I got my post paid mobile connection changed to prepaid because I’m moving…Now, I’ve had the post paid number for around three years and in my naivity thought the change would be easy as the address was the same…It was not…Apparently the post and pre paid departments are separate entities with no connection between them…They still needed to verify my address…Fine…Then one fine day my service was blocked because the verification had failed…Failed? I asked the guards if somebody had come from the mobile company and they said no…I don’t remember getting a call either…I got very agitated and called up customer care …They said that the verification department was separate and they would forward my request to them…It would take 72 hours…I asked them if they expected me to stay put at home for 3 days and they said yes…I got angry and gave them a piece of my mind…I didn’t stop there…I complained about this to anybody and everybody…All my complaining got me thinking – are the more fortunate bigger whingers than the less? I think yes…Oh, how we whinge, we pampered members of the middle class…We complain about household help; we complain about lack of time; we complain about money; we complain about our spouses, our co-workers, the newspapers, the government…We stop at nothing…We even complain abour children…

I think we whinge because we have choices…For instance, we are not obligated to have children – we have them because we choose to…Once we have them, we shouldn’t wish for our lives to be like it was pre-children… I think the poor are more stoic about their circumstances…Is it because they don’t have as many choices as the rich?


16 thoughts on “The Middle Class: A Society Of Whingers

  1. I don’t know your mobile operator, but someone had a similar story about Virgin mobile. Perhaps, over a period of time, these guys are also turning into the good old P&T, now called BSNL/MTNL without any change in culture.

    On a larger point, I guess you are right. Those who have more choices whine more.


    • Airtel – There is a signal problem too…I live in a high rise and there is a signal in only one room…Lots of call dropping…


  2. I had almost the same exp. I wanted a pre-paid card for just the month that I was in India- and by the time, they sorted it all out -it was time for me to return 😦

    As for whingers.. that is interesting.. And you might be right.. Maybe we do complain coz we are use to more comforts? And the poor don’t whinge – coz they don’t have that option? Maybe…


    • That’s why got it changed to prepaid so that when I come here for holidays, I don’t have to go through that experience again…


  3. So well put Bones. It maybe because we have choices or also because we are literally in the middle, we want to be rich and have that lifestyle of luxury, and yet we want the warmth that exists within us. Lot of conflict I think. I loved this post.

    PS – I call you Bones even now, when we all know your real name… hope you don’t mind! I kind of am attached to ‘Bones’!


  4. We whine because we can. If we had to spend all our lives figuring out where our next meal was coming from, there wouldn’t be any time to whine.


    Quirky Indian


  5. mobile operators are that tough.. it’s really amazing… I have changed my pre-paid to post-paid within 4 hours… but I have done it in my office… so they didn’t bothered.. I think so 🙂

    whingers.. yes we are.. we have a long list.. 🙂


  6. Sraboney these cell phone guys are extremely irresponsible, for my last bill they call me and remind me to pay and when I remind them their representative is supposed to come collect (they have this option) they apologise and assure that he will come the next day… this has been going on for last ten days!

    About us complaining, I think the poor also do complain, whenever they can. Most of the time they have no choice, they would love to be able to complain I am sure…


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