Tag: Things That Make Me Emotional

I’m not an emotional person but I do get irritated fast…Very fast…A lot of things irritate me…Some of them are:

  1. When people don’t do their jobs efficiently…I hate the chalta hai attitude…
  2. When people don’t adhere to time…I think it’s extremely rude when people don’t come when they are supposed to…The answer is always “Arre yaar, something came up.” This yaar business also irritates me
  3. When politicians talk about working for the people of their country when they are actually working for themselves…Do they think we are idiots?
  4. When people give unsolicitated advice…I don’t know what it is with Indians but a good many of them love butting their noses where they are not needed…There are these auntijis in the park who love giving me advice on how I should raise my daughter…One uncleji keeps catching me and asking me to put on weight…Initially, I humoured him because he’s an elderly gentleman…But now he irritates me and I’m worried that I may say something rude to him one day
  5. When people don’t obey traffic rules…Why are Indians always in a hurry? I don’t see work getting done in a hurry but when it comes to driving, Indians always want to overtake from the wrong side or skip traffic signals to get to their destinations
  6. When people litter, spit and pee on roads…The paan spit is really gross…Why is using toilets optional in India?
  7. When men talk rudely to women just because they are women…This is mainly prevelant in the North and Bengal…The current Bengali generation of workers who have grown up with the CPM philosophy of ‘entitlement’ think they are entitled to be rude because they are workers
  8. When people don’t hold the door open when I’m behind them
  9. When men sexually molest a woman and say the woman asked for it
  10. When people don’t say “thank you”, “excuse me” or “sorry” when they are supposed to
  11. When people say they are secular but want a law banning cow slaughter because the majority of Indians are Hindus
  12. When Indians lick the backsides of gora tourists/businessmen/professionals in India

This tag was passed on to me by IHM…Thanks!


15 thoughts on “Tag: Things That Make Me Emotional

  1. Short and sweet . I agree with most of them .
    About 9 , if we ban cow slaughter , we would not be secular , true . But we need some kind of a mechanism to regulate it , so that riots do not spark off because of that .


    • I agree that we need a some kind of a mechanism to regulate eg. designated areas etc. cow slaughter…I don’t think an absolute ban is necessary…


  2. Bones, I agree with all your points.

    I esp. agree with No. 2 because many times people (by that I mean Indians) don’t even bother to call and just expect you to wait for them. I am very particular in that matter and it irritates me a lot.

    No. 10 is also something which many people say that it is a western thing. 😐


  3. I agree with every point.

    I have received a lot of advise about putting on weight, even implying that their might be some reason for the lack of weight gain (as in some illness?)- this only bothered me when I was pregnant.

    About number 7, sometimes they are not rude, they are condescending, which is equally irritating.


  4. I think I will get a loads from you on point 2.. punctuality and me were always separate till now.. 😐

    Point 6.. me too don’t like that.. and I love to slap the person who is spitting.. the problem is even the educated doesnt seem to be cared.. 😦

    all are very valid points bones 🙂


  5. all of these get me agitated but most of all point 2 coz it happens almost everyday…I am fed up with this attitude..

    and you are right
    educated and literate are two diff things


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