When Did You Last

  • roll in the grass laughing just for the heck of it?
  • not complain about the heat or the cold?
  • climb a tree?
  • play outdoors all day without a care in the world?
  • swim in mud puddles and dance in the rain?
  • crap or pee in your nappy because you were too lazy to walk to the bathroom?
  • eavesdrop on your mom’s phone conversations?
  • sit on your mom’s or dad’s lap?
  • not worry about work, bills, and food?
  • fly a kite on your roof?
  • ruin your mothers mixie by putting plasticine in it?
  • celebrate your birthday with a cake and candles?
  • have everyone you care about in one place?
  • dress up in your mom’s clothes and wear her makeup?
  • pack a bag and go on an imaginery trip?
  • try to sneak out of the house to play while your mom slept (in the afternoon)?
  • create the ‘thing’ of your dreams with Lego?
  • go to an amusement park and have fun?
  • enjoy going for a birthday party?
  • play cricket with your dad?
  • live in the moment?
  • have so much energy?
  • believe you could change the world?

Oh, how I wish I were a kid again! It was absolute bliss…


14 thoughts on “When Did You Last

  1. Aww so your daughter did this :)Did she put plasticine in your mixi or did you put plasiticne in your mom’s mixie ??

    Yes rain and puddles were great, so was the wish to change the world (this hasn’t died yet completely…)

    This was a delightful collection…and my sister and I tried my mom’s lipsticks and sarees, and slapped so much talcum powder on our faces, we must have looked like ghosts 🙂


  2. Honestly Bones, I have rolled in the grass quite recently, I am sure people were shocked! Climbed a tree, did not complain about the heat, celebrated a birthday with cakes n candles, and i try to live in the moment. And I do believe I can change the world, one person at a time, where would I be without hope? Now that i have tried to prove to you that I am a kid…… let me tell you I am not, closing up on 30, I am nowhere near that! he he he. Loved the post, and indeed, wish I could do all of them. But I do let the kid in me stay alive.


  3. /*play outdoors all day without a care in the world?*/

    whenever I get a chance I am doing… I don care about world…

    and loved all ur points… its the way we have to live life 🙂

    Children are living 🙂


  4. Don’t we all, at one level or the other, wish we were kids again? Partly we re-live that childhood through our kids. But, really, climbing a tree and playing out the whole day, among other things, have to be done by your own self!


  5. The last wild thing I did was have a party where we all screamed and shouted like little kids , and caught the attention of the Joint Secretary of my housing society . Now we await a DisCo hearing for our “breach of discipline” . 😀

    I tried sitting on my mom’s lap , she said I was too heavy to do that . She said too heavy , not too old . 🙂


  6. beautiful post Sraboney…scrolled through all the posts of yours that I had missed and this was the one that touched instantly and I wanted to comment here first…

    the have everyone you care about in one place looks to be so tough once we grow up…life becomes different from the little home that was our world…now everyone is out pursuing jobs, education and so much more….the staying in one place happens rarely ….

    I want to keep the kid alive forever…..

    and most of all I always want to roll in the grass like a kid…even when I am 80 😀


  7. See, now you made me go miss childhood! Those were the days…sigh! I did roll on the grass in our backyard with popol the other day and got stung by a huge red ant for my enthusiasm 😦

    Btw, all of your mass exodus to wordpress reminds me I have to update my feeds, which I’ve been too lazy to do this far.


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