Poor Mr.Modi

Narendra Modi must be cursing himself…No matter how hard he tries, Gujarat’s savage past continues to haunt him…On his watch, the state witnessed one of the the worst Hindu-Muslim riots in the history of independent India…More than a 1000 people were killed (most of them Muslims) in 2002 while his government allegedly refused to contain the mobs…Whether he is guilty of abetting the riots is for the courts to decide; what has been proven is his ineptness at managing the situation…Post 2002, this king of reinvention has tried hard to portray himself as the vanguard of India’s industrial future but the Supreme Court of India will just not let him be…On Monday (April 27), the highest court of our country ordered a special police team to investigate Mr.Modi’s alleged role in abetting the massacre of Muslims…

If you’ve seen and heard Mr.Modi speak at rallies, you’ll know that he is a spectacular (if somewhat theatrical) orator…These days he talks only about economic growth and investment not Hindutva or Hinduism…His Miya Musharraf type rants have ceased…In fact, whenever he can he raises the Sachar Committee report which states that financially Muslims are better off in Gujarat than anywhere else (Gujarat based Bohras and Khojas, both business communities, contribute heavily to these statistics)…His politics have changed…This is because Mr.Modi has become more ambitious…He has set his sights on the Prime Ministership of the country…He is clever and cunning and knows that communal politics alone will not help him become the head of government…Post 2002, he aggressively started attracting investment to his state and his autocratic style ensured that things got done super fast at the administrative level…

Mr.Modi’s economic policies may have benefited his state but ghosts of the past have a habit of coming back to haunt and I’m glad that they do…These ghosts saved the country from the likes of Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar…Even though the accusations against Narendra Modi are at present unproven in court, there is no escaping the fact that he is bigoted and India cannot afford to have an openly communal, unapologetic (he has never apologised for the inability of his government to contain the carnage in his state), anti-democratic (albeit effective) and inept (at containing communal tensions) politician as the PM…He may be good for his state but he’s not good for his country…


16 thoughts on “Poor Mr.Modi

  1. “he is bigoted and India cannot afford to have an openly communal, unapologetic (he has never apologised for the inability of his government to contain the carnage in his state), anti-democratic (albeit effective) and inept (at containing communal tensions) politician as the PM…”

    I echo your words. Never. I don’t know why all of a sudden couple of BJP members are eager to nominate him as PM candidate. He might have done wonders for the state but that still doesn’t mean that he is fit to run the country. Majority voting is always not right. Bush won twice 🙂 too.

    The likes of Modi and Madani can cast a spell with their oratory skills.


  2. Modi will never generate ambivalent/neutral reactions. And those who incessantly talk of law, fair trial etc will always make that exception in his case.

    That is the beauty of democracy. If more people believe otherwise, he will win. I suspect that he will be PM sooner rather than later. Once you see Modi without the goggle of 2002, as possibly many do, you discover that he has no peer, take any dimension of your choosing.

    Let us see what happens. Bloggers should be thankful; he gives them so much of inexhaustible material to blog and comment about!


  3. Sraboney I agree completely and I am sure in this country of billions we can find equally, if not better qualified guys who do not have such allegations aginst them, for the post of PM.

    It will be sad day for our Democracy when (and if) he does reach the PM’s post.

    As you pointed out in a comment above, it is true that some people will always support him, because his schemes do benefit some. Only some. But majority rule, without justice is a bad as Might is Right.

    About his economic policies, he is the media’s favorite these days, (Earlier for a while it was Lalu)..
    They can make Modi look like he’s the only hope for India Shining.


  4. Dear Sraboney,
    In Gujarat or elsewhere, Mr. Modi enjoys an overwhelming popularity within the Hindu middle-class minds. Historically, the middle class and the petty bourgeoisie are largely disposed to fascism and constitute the core support base of fascist political parties. Through his demagogic promises of development, order and social justice, Mr. Modi has cannily veiled himself from the genocidal crimes of 2002. He carries with him a deceitful, reactionary and pernicious ideology that propagates jingoism as nationalism, recalls a non-existent national past of greatness and believes in superiority of race and religion. In every aspect, Mr. Modi personifies fascism.


  5. There is independent judiciary in the country.World over our judiciary is not doubted.Why is everyone in a hurry to decleare Modi guilty?He is entitled to a fair trial.Let the trial be over, don’t bein a hurry.


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