Oh Sanjay, I Wish You Had Tasted Your Own Medicine

Varun Gandhi

 and had got yourself sterilized…Then we wouldn’t have had to listen to the idiotic crap your son  has been spewing out in the last few weeks…

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Varun Gandhi said he hoped to follow in his father’s footsteps by one day offering the strong leadership (???) which he said India had lacked for 20 years…He also said he would like to  revive the sterilisation policy his father had introduced and would also like to propose a bill in parliament to introduce compulsory military service for all Indians to unite the country and overcome caste and religious differences…

Is this guy serious? Does he have any grey matter in his skull? Anybody who comes up with such brilliant ideas and hopes to emulate Sanjay Gandhi should be thrown into the sea…Good riddance for idiotic rubbish!!!


8 thoughts on “Oh Sanjay, I Wish You Had Tasted Your Own Medicine

  1. I will stick my neck out here and say that both proposals are sound and much needed. Sterilisation went horribly wrong during the Emergency due to terrible implementation shortcomings that we are all aware of. But who can disagree that an effective method is needed to reduce population growth? All of India’s progress is weighed down by it. Yes, it has to be ensured that only those who have more than say two kids are sterilised and no innocent guys are made to suffer just to meet targets.

    Military conscription is perhaps not practical given our huge population; but it is badly need to instill discipline, leadership and the much needed sense of national pride. Perhaps a good beginning might be to make it compulsory for all getting government jobs.
    Of course, population needs to be controlled – nobody is arguing that…Forced sterilization is not the answer…Financial incentives, maybe…
    Military conscription – Varun Gandhi should set an example by joining the armed forces – he needs to lose weight, lots of it 🙂


  2. http://www.hindustantimes.com/election09/storypage.aspx?id=933a8b2e-2b82-438a-98fc-6fc2b11af84e&category=Chunk-HT-UI-Elections-SectionPage-TopStories

    “Although the report did not have any direct or indirect quote from Gandhi making such a comment, tongues started wagging and he again became the talking point in the media — this time for a reason that was not.”

    “But two hours later, the website made amends. Dean Nelson, South Asia Editor of the newspaper and author of the report, released a second version, adding two paragraphs to the report.

    The new addition incorporated Gandhi’s comments, describing the methods used during his father’s time as “roughshod”. He said he was in favour of a “sensible” family planning programme implemented through education, awareness and positive incentives.”

    Sraboney- apparently the earlier reports were half-truths.
    Yes Manju, there were some half truths in the earlier report but Varun Gandhi does want to follow in his father’s footsteps and be a strong leader – the thought is scary…If Sanjay Gandhi had been alive, the INC would have been dead by now…


  3. Sanjay Gandhi..great leader? Ha! he was one major mistake his mother made and then corrected years later.

    “compulsory military service for all Indians” Singapore calling?

    Will Varun Gandhi and all such future leaders lead these Indians in military services? Why not serve the nation that way instead of spewing venom, Varun?


    • Agree with Solilo and Bones……….
      sterlization is nor the way!!! there are so many other ways in which the population can be made aware of the fact…………….
      and anyways by 2050, our population is supposed to stop its positive growth rate (as per many reports I have read)

      and compulsary milittary service is “great in idea” but not required as we have the third largest army in the world……
      it makes no sense………. when people can do so many other things


  4. I won’t agree or disagree with what he said . It was just funny , watching him change his rhetoric . 🙂 I actually laughed out loud when I heard it .
    I agree with you – VG is funny


  5. I agree he and anybody who propagates such ideas should be the first to set an example! Both his ideas should be implemented on him first.

    Midnight’s Children, by Salman Rushdie is about Sanjay Gandhi and his patriotism during the Emergency. It was the men from poor sections, married and unmarried who were woken up in the middle of night and forced to undergo surgeries – it’s easy to imagine the physical and emotional trauma, and the medical complications.
    Unaccountability is never right. And didn’t the results of the elections after the emergency clearly convey that people had realised (for a while) that Dictatorship only benefits a dictator and his cronies, people are only oppressed?


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