Jeans = My Drug (100% Safe, 0% Side Effects)


Ah, what bliss!

Ah, what bliss!

As you may or may not know, we are moving to a new country…Infact, we moved out of our apartment in Gurgaon last Saturday…While my husband went off to our new ‘home’, my daughter and I are visiting my parents till our stuff reaches there…

Anyway, while packing our clothes I counted 19 pairs of jeans – 16 were mine and the rest my husband’s…Seeing all the pairs piled up on the bed, my husband let out a screech, “YIKES!!! What’s wrong with you, woman? How could you buy so many blue jeans?” After looking at a few of them more closely, another screech erupted, “GOSH!!! You are crazy! Not only are they all blue but they are of the same brand and style! What the hell!!! What’s the point?”

The point is simple – I love jeans and t-shirts (let’s not get into that)…It’s not as if I’m addicted to diamonds or emeralds…To tell you the truth, I was shocked at my collection too but I couldn’t let my husband know that, could I?

As I see it, jeans are everygreen – they never go out of style…What could be more comfortable than throwing on a nice comfortable pair of well worn jeans, a soft cotton t-shirt and a pair of sandals? Jeans are versatile and can be worn at both casual and formal affairs (ok, not to weddings and funerals but to almost everything else)…If you want to look formal, all you have to do is wear a pair of nice heels and throw on a blazer with it and you are set for a night out at a club…If your jeans get frayed, just cut them off at the knees and you’ll have a cool pair of cut-offs to spend those hot summer days  in…

I don’t think my addiction is that much of problem (except when we have to move as jeans can get heavy)…I think it is better to be addicted to jeans than to my other love – watches, Swiss ones at that…

Do you have an addiction? If you do, tell me about it…


11 thoughts on “Jeans = My Drug (100% Safe, 0% Side Effects)

  1. I can totally understand 😀 but 16 of em? 😀 ye toh too much ho gaya 😛
    but yeah like MAnju says a harmless addiction and I have the same question as Manju ..Where? 😀


  2. I also buy only blue jeans… ! but 2 of them… the rich and the famous keep 16 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    however I do have an obsession for cream or camel coloured cotton trousers.. I have about 10 which are more or less the same coloured… !!! but they have been bought over a period of years… !!
    Hey, I wish I were rich then my husband wouldn’t have screeched! I too have ‘gathered’ my collection over a period of years – some of them I bought before I got married…


  3. Hope the move goes smoothly.:)

    Be sure to post pictures of Singapore after you get settled there!
    I will…I’ll probably move there in mid June if I’m still alive and kicking…My daughter is driving me crazy because she’s getting bored…She’s missing her friends…


  4. Ok I have … let me count, six I think… and I also never discard, if they fray or are flared at the bottom I cut off the bottom part too 🙂 But I won’t call buying jeans my addiction Sraboney 🙂 My addiction could be my blog or an obsession with taking photographs!! Started with recording everyday life of my kids and just stayed 🙂

    So you are moving to Singapore? Pleased continue posting your gems, from whichever part of the world you are in !!


  5. Bones, this is not addiction. 🙂 Shopping and clothes never are. Blue Jeans and White Cotton tees are perfect combo. I love skirts too equally but Jeans are comfy and you can go anywhere in them.

    Singapore! Aaah..beautiful. I visit the place every year when I go to India.

    Have a safe move and do continue here.


  6. Bones, That is sure a harmless addiction! I am amazed that you fit into your old jeans. I don’t fit into most of my jeans which are older than 2 years 😦 I just donated a few of my pre-pregnancy jeans that I had kept on in the hope that I would fit back one day – no such luck 🙂

    Singapore sounds wonderful! My cousin moved there last year and they are loving it!


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