Oof, Not Again :-(



Please someone help!!! I’m sick of Rahul Gandhi…He’s not a master strategist and the Congress did not win over 200 seats because of him…Even the international media has joined their Indian counterparts in crediting him for his party’s win…Which PR agency does RG use?

This is what Newsweek has to say:

His [Rahul Gandhi’s] approach—fully endorsed by his mother, the party’s president—was risky, presenting Congress as a national party that stood for secularism, good governance and growth.

Excuse me, I thought the Congress was always about secularism, good governance and growth – what’s so new about this mantra? What has RG done? Oh, OK I forgot…He thought of doing it alone in UP and Bihar because being communal (tying up with regional communal parties) was not working for them…Give me a break…Do you think anyone believes that this was his idea? If the Congress had lost, I’m sure ‘doing it alone’ would not have been highlighted much in the media and RG would not have been credited for it…

Over the past three years he has worked hard to acquaint himself with poor, rural India by making numerous visits to remote, neglected villages, where he would listen to locals’ complaints while sitting cross-legged on their dirt floors, sharing their meals and sometimes even sleeping in their homes.

Gosh! He did all this? Poor guy – what one has to do for power and money…I’m sure the PR agency the Congress uses was told to highlights these visits…RG’ privileged education at St.Stephens, Harvard (both of which he attended), Rollins (from where he finally graduated) allows him to come up with profound questions like “What is the difference between a rich man and a poor man?” His intelligence and knowledge of the country enables him to come up with the answer all on his own – “Opportunity!”

Me thinks Kislay hit the nail on the head when he said RG’s goraness was an asset to him, his party and the media…International journalists can now write about a person they can half identify with…What is the Indian media’s excuse?

P.S. Have you noticed that author of the Newsweek article has not once mentioned the head start Rahul G got because of his Family?


36 thoughts on “Oof, Not Again :-(

  1. Ah yes. We love to worship the dynasties for sure. Why just us? Even here in the US, being a Kennedy gets one a headstart in politics. I totally agree – the people and the media have been going overboard with RG.


  2. There are lot more reasons for such articles. Same reason why only one gets outside money for charity, same reason why one campaign gets so much publicity abroad. Somethings are better left unsaid…. 😀


  3. I agree with Solilo. Seven years after he got into politics full-time, something has at last been found to credit him with, even if dishonestly and by stretching one’s imagination to the limit. With the king of media power and more that the Congress has domestically and overseas, be sure this is just the beginning…he is going to be built up into some sort of a superman; your senses are going to be assaulted till they get dulled in defeat. And then you too will start wondering whether all of them are right or you… surrender to the inevitable….but comfort yourself with the thought that if the castle of sand, it will get blown away faster than we think. Unfortunately, as of now, we can see no one who is capable of doing that..can you? The moment they spot one, they will resort to every dirty trick in the book to discredit and defeat him – before he joins battle with the Prince.


  4. You changing your headers daily Bones?? Pretty one. Made it yourself?

    About RG, I am so disdainful of the entire clan….starting fright from Jawahar, that I really don’t give a damn. They are political, sly, cunning, and very very media savvy. they know exactly what will attract voters to them, and have perfected the art over generations. Unfortunately the main voting group are still a bunch of fools.


  5. how can fareed zakaharia betray his own benefactor ?
    then you should hear him take a stand against india siding with the western world on the charlie rose show !


  6. But I guess it is too early to judge him .He is an upcoming politician. And he proved his leadership skill in UP.I guess he is the one of the politicians, who gives hope for India’s future.. If he is a chain of a dynasty or not, I guess we should bother about whether he is able person who can lead our country to prosperity or not. Thatz what I feel…don’t know….lets wait and see :)


  7. 🙂
    my thoughts exactly!
    RG is a magician it appears 😉

    the personal messiah of the Congress it seems

    …one can simply gape in wonder and look forward to the day when this mania will end…

    or will it?

    maybe RG will get too full of self importance and burst his own bubble 😀


      • Indyeah first Kislay and now you !

        I somehow cannot understand this !

        I dont think it is just Rahul who engineered this. And I dont think his Gora skin as anything to do with this.. this is more in our minds then in his !

        now some one is going to take the credit for the whole turn around in the Indian political scene… ! and normally its some one from the winning party !!

        okk maybe everyone wants to credit to the fact that they were the best of all the worst alternatives we had… but that is how things are !! arent they !!

        What I feel unfair is at no point so far have I heard Rahul claiming that it is he who is the reason for this victory… he is dedicating it to his team… and its what he must do… and by doing that he is having the media eat out of his hand… the media doesnt have any 26/11 to report nor anything else… so !!! until they find something they will keep harping the fact…

        I must say this again, this guy has not done any harm, doesnt look harmful… so if he is getting credit… whats the fuss about it ??

        beyond me really ! someone from the winning party is going to take the credit.. and he is… they are preparing him as a candidate for next elections for PM !

        what they are doing is completely natural…

        and the choice will be ours in the next election !


          • we can vote him out but nobody has…I guess (as you have said many times) the Congress is the lesser of the evils…Even though I’m against dynastic politics, I would rather vote for the Congress than the BJP…


          • Shivraj Patil was voted out by public but that didn’t stop Congress highcommand in making him Indian’s Home Minister last year till 26/11 happened. There is no connection between winning elections and getting cabinet ranks.

            Rahul Gandhi just like ManMohan Singh can be member of Rajyasabha and be Prime Minister of India.


  8. He is THE son of Rajiv G..THE son of Sonia G..THE grandson of Indira G and THE grand son of Nehru..what do you expect ? frankly i think he needs to get out of his diapers in politics,,but he is here to stay..someday may be PM of India..we better get used to idea of Rahul G…

    btw have seen him in HK and bugger looks cute..:-)


  9. I have no problems with him becoming a p.m in future sometime provided he does it on his own proven capabilities rather than just riding on his surname and the chamchagiri surrounding him. This is truly his trial time. He has to prove his credentials before the next elections.
    I don’t know who has been advising him but it is indeed a smart move not to take up any portfolio now.


  10. Et tu, Bones? Went through the debate on Indyeah’s blog as well as Kislay’s and hoped that was the end of it. 🙂

    It makes we wonder: what if the Congress had lost? Then, of course, the loss would have been attributed to everything else but Baba! MMS, communal forces, the foreign hand – you name it.

    Victory, of course, is solely because of Baba. 🙂


    Quirky Indian

    PS: As long as ‘cuteness’ is the most important criterion in determining one’s suitability for PM-ship, may I please recommend Megan Fox? She’s cute and she’s hot. She’s also a gori (that’s a plus in Indian politics), and I’m sure, with training, she too can sit “cross-legged on…..dirt floors….”


  11. Gandhi name has definitely helped him but gori chamdi I doubt.

    The foreigners might consider his popularity a sign of our voting against racialism, just like they did when America voted for Obama.


  12. yup its all about being the chikna dude…the media is raving not just about him but all of the Congress ka ‘babalog’…The suave looking foreign educated MPs who make cosmetic attempts at understanding a culture they dont identify with…subconsciously we always promote the one with from a influential family and looks good…how many average looking or ugly looking politicians do you see being frequently featured on TV or in magazines?


  13. Good post. I feel ppl voted for the Congress because the policies they follow seems to be better, and not because of the dynasty. Instead of discussing the issues and policies, the media [including we the bloggers] are discussing political personalities who I feel are not that relevant.


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