Way To Go!!!


Guess who the ‘poor’ oldie in the photograph is? None other than CPM MLA Gopal Gayen…He was ‘roughed’ up in Hingalganj, a relief camp along the Bengal-Bangladesh border in North 24-Parganas, for the government’s failure to provide relief post cyclone Aila…

“He should taste how it feels like living in muck for days,” said Prabhash Gayen, an inmate.

“We are marooned for over seven days but our MLA didn’t come to us even once,” said Gopal Deb Mondal.

Well said Mr.Prabhash Gayen, well said…

[Source: The Telegraph, Kolkata]


20 thoughts on “Way To Go!!!

  1. It is definitely the way to go! Once people start demanding, govts will be forced to deliver! And yes, I am sure things will happen much quicker if the politicians start to live the way the common man does!


    • I’m in Kolkata now and was here during the cyclone and things were bad, they still are…Trees are still blocking roads and electricity has still not been restored to full capacity in many areas in the city – I can’t even imagine what the situation is like in rural areas…The desperation must be mind numbing…

      I wonder if the MLA ‘understood’ anything or that others will…They are a breed of people who have very thick skins…Nothing fazes them, absolutely nothing…


  2. I think the commies have ruled for far too long…as a result, they have stopped effectively being the comrades they started out as and have become “rulers” like politicians in many other parts of India have…power does corrupt…it can also give an electric shock!


    • Another cyclone/storm system is brewing over the Bay of Bengal and is supposed to hit the state on Sunday…The embankments haven’t yet been rebuilt so I don’t know what is going to happen…

      Mamata B. must be laughing and trying her level best to hold the assembly elections soon…


  3. I don’t support taking law into our hand but at times there is no option left and we choose various ways to show our anger. There is a reason why movies like RDB is a hit. Sad!

    Now will this make a difference? Nah..these politicians are thick skinned.


    • sols – even britishers did not like when the indian police (governed by the british ) went against them.

      the politican will stay in the best of town because he wants the best- by making the government make the best roads, make the sitting government to supply electricity, water and other basic amenities – and all other parts of the town go to the dogs! there is no flooding in his area, the trees are removed as soon as the storm is over!.! remember during katrina and after no help came in – the FEMA head, the governor everybody came under heavy criticism ..does even such critisim happen in India ?( i am not saying that US is all hunky dory ) ..atleast the commoners can command and meet the mayor of the city.. can we do that in the part of the town that we grew up in India?


      • This is what the Mayor of Kolkata Municipal Corporation Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya had to say the day after Cyclone Aila:

        “This is a natural calamity. You cannot go on planning keeping natural calamities in mind.”

        So how did the civic authorities tackle the situation? They handled it by clearing the more than 1500 trees that had been uprooted with handsaws – yes, handsaws as they had only two electronic cutters…Why didn’t they buy more when they saw what the situation was like? They didn’t buy more because they didn’t have the desire to… As a result, many localities went without power for two or three days at a stretch…The Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation explained that they couldn’t do anything till the trees were removed… As a result, many areas also had water shortage as the concerned authorities could not pump water…


  4. While I don’t support turning vigilantes, there’s hardly any option left for those stranded withour power,food, or water in the wake of Aila. The city governing bodies never learn, do they? Or they choose to turn the blid eye.


  5. Srab , hmm i dont know that i agree ..The pic isn’t very clear but that looks like an old man , not sure i’d want a guy that age to be roughed up like that -leave his incompetence / stupidity / greed / corruption / blah / blah to one side : what could he have done ? Its a fuc&ing cyclone for crissake , Its SYSTEMIC thing – preparation , prevention , precaution , relief and rehabilitation , etc etc ..a whole SYSTEM that we here can’t even begin to comprehend…A system this person is only a tiny if incompetent cog in the wheel of….i dont know this guy , never heard of him , couldnt give two hoots if i tried…i can totally understand the anger of those people there , can even understand them giving vent in this way , but for people to sit around in front of their computers and smiling their approvals at mob violence on an old man really gets my goat …Anyway , no offence meant folks – you know that Srab ! 🙂


    • Hey, how can you ever offend me? Yes, the mob shouldn’t have made the 78 old MLA walk through the muck to feel what it is like living in it without much help from the govt. …But I don’t know what I would have done if I had been in that situation…Nobody knows…It is easy for me to broadcast my opinions from an ac room, I know that…As you said, the system needs to be changed but I don’t see it changing in my life time…


  6. I dont see any wrong in this… a MLA is a person who is one among us and represents a set of people… he should have came there and helped the people but he didnt done that 😦


  7. HOW did I miss this !!??
    While I do understand their frustration I also do not support man-handling or any taking of law in our hands. Strong sloganeering and protests would have been better, and maybe even more effective. This might get him sympathy.


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