Can Pakistan Be Fixed?

I think not…I think it will always remain in a state of anarchy…Ahmed Rashid’s dispatch is chilling…

In Pakistan there is no such broad national identity or unity. Many young Balochs today are fiercely determined to create an independent Balochistan. The ethnic identities of people in the other provinces have become a driving force for disunity. The gap between the rich and poor has never been greater, and members of the Pakistani elite have rarely acted responsibly toward the less fortunate masses. The Taliban have gained some adherents by imposing rough forms of land redistribution in some of the areas it controls, expropriating the property of rich landlords. Education and job creation have been the least-funded policies of Pakistan’s governments, whether military or civilian, and literacy levels are abysmal; there are now some 20 million youth under age seventeen who are not in school. The justice system has virtually collapsed in many areas, which is why the Taliban demand for speedy justice has some popular appeal. Moreover, the Pakistani public has to deal with the differing versions of Pakistani policy put out by the army, the political parties, the Islamic fundamentalists, and the press and other components of civil society. There is confusion about what actually constitutes a threat to the state and what is needed for nation-building.


21 thoughts on “Can Pakistan Be Fixed?

  1. Pakistan can and needs to be fixed. But not in the manner that the you have asked.
    It poses a danger not only to its own people but to the whole world. And no one there wants to learn. They think that an AK47 held and used in the name of Allah is all that is needed to beat the hell out of everyone else. That is all that matters, even if in the process they turn their nation, or at least large parts of it into an unmanageable waste land.


    • One of the main problems with Pakistan is the ‘forced’ apathy of ineffective governance and the lack of effective educational and employment opportunities…As a result, the masses have been ‘forced’ to support anti-government forces like the Taliban (even if they are intolerant) because they are the only alternative…They get things done (quick justice, land reforms etc.)…It is estimated by Foreign Policy magazine that 20 million children ages 10 to 17 are not in school and of the almost 25 million Pakistanis aged 18 to 24, more than half have either have not completed school or graduated and remain underemployed or unemployed…Many of these poor & disenfranchised youngsters are young men who become easy targets for recruiters of the Taliban and other ‘terrorist’ organizations…

      Why are graduates underemployed or unemployed? Because the economy is not geared towards employing the educated…Pakistani governments have been so obsessed with ruining India that they have forgotten to look after their country and their people…They’ve invested so much in the country’s military that they haven’t had any money left to develop the country’s infrastructure and economy…

      Unless the balance between the military, education and employment is rectified, Pakistan will continue to fail and I personally don’t see any changes happening any time soon…


  2. Pakistan have a fundamental problem bones… their politics wont complete without the kashmir agenda, which they know wont happen… they are cultivating hatred in the mind of their people which deprive’s them from thinking wise.. and we know the amount they are spending for arms and the same interest is not shown in education or development 😦


  3. I don’t think their problems are solving in the near future. Completely agree with the scenario you have described. Taliban’s popularity is frightening but maybe expected 😦
    And any country that does not allocate enough funds for education and job creation is anyway sitting on a time bomb. Although we in India need to take a serious look at our education system too. We spend too much on higher education and too little on basic education.


  4. The Pakistani people and government evidently do not think there is anything wrong.They coolly gave up the Swat Valley to the Taliban. They release militants at will.

    Only when the US applies pressure is there is a knee-jerk reaction to satisfy them.

    Who will fix Pakistan? And why? They themselves are satisfied the way they are. The US is satisfied with fighting continuing in various nations around the globe. And India is satisfied with whatever Pakistan does.


  5. This is scary to read..and yet very real..A stable , democratic(high hopes?) Pakistan is in India’s interest..but somehow that seems like a far fetched dream right now…

    Taliban is giving them a headache now..the same Taliban which was welcomed with open arms in some parts of Pakistan..
    but some parts have totally resisted or at least tried to resist Taliban..
    but when the govt of your country itself makes a deal with the Talibanis how will the common people protect themselves? 😦


  6. They need a stable government without any extremists.In stead of focusing and wasting money on Kashmir, they should start working on implementing basic things like education,industry,health care, peaceful atmosphere etc.One of the major problems with pakisthanis are lack of proper education.


  7. Bitchy as it sounds, Pakistan deserves every bit of what its getting now! Remember the ‘good taliban’ psalm they were chanting sometime back??
    I guess they need a stable govt willing to invest in education, jobs, basic living infrastructure in order to make any difference, like IHM mentioned. And that seems downright impossible anywhere in the near future.
    They need millions of dollars from all over the globe. US has agreed to yet another $200 million . And where do you think its all going to go? That as#$%y3 Zardari on national tv claimed that ‘this time around’ the funds will not find their way to militant organizations!! It makes my blood boil really!
    Phew! I`ve gone way off track…
    P.S – Great to be reading you again!


    • Unfortunately, the US is not helping the situation by giving the Pakistanis money…’Good Taliban’ – my ass…The Americans including Fareed Zakaria also bought into the BS…

      Great to have you back!


  8. I doubt till people have the guts to raise voice against fanaticism. Yes! in India too we have fanatics just like in other parts of the world but in Pakistan it has taken over and people’s mind brainwashed. It would be a miracle if it could be fixed.


  9. Pakistan as an idea emanated from educated Muslims in India. These very founding fathers when they moved to Karachi post-independence were viewed with suspicion and called Mohajirs.

    The shifting of their capital from Karachi to Rawalpindi and then Islamabad was to snip the powers that Mohajirs apparently held.

    In India various states had reasonable autonomy and Nehru provided the strong leadership and continuity at the Centre. One cannot deny the positive impact of this vis-a-vis the early death of Jinnah and complete political chaos in the first decade of Pakistan’s existence.

    That society never took opportunities to carve out their own identity. Wars with India and the separation of Bangladesh meant India became the sole focus. They have lost three decades in anti-India policies and “bleed India” strategies and the Afghanistan war. Today the tiger that they sought to ride is well on its way to eat them up.

    Very difficult for it to be fixed. It cannot be a “band-aid” job. The change has to all pervasive and such things happen over decades.


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