Have Landed

As the aircraft touched down at Changi, I realized that my month-long holiday was over and the grind of settling in was about to begin…The weather was no different from Kolkata so I felt at home in that respect – nice and sweaty all the time…

The apartment my husband has chosen is pretty good – nice and spacious and the best thing about the complex it is in is the olympic size pool…My daughter went mad when she saw it and wanted to get into it immediately…The grind began after a bit of rest…Although the packers had unpacked the stuff there was a lot of organizing, dusting and food ordering to do…The first thing I had to do was go and buy a mop!!! Eeks!!! Life was good in Gurgaon where I used to sit back and blog all day long…

I’ve made some inroads in setting up the place…The handyman came yesterday to put up the paintings and the place is thankfully looking more like a home, my home…

Today I made the pilgrimmage to Mecca (no, no not Mecca, Saudi Arabia but Mustafa’s)…I couldn’t sleep last night at the thought of it (I HATE shopping especially at Mustafa’s) but I needed masalas, daals etc. and that is the best place for Indian stuff…That place is not only huge but jam packed even though it is open 24 hours…

More later…Gotta to take my daughter for swimming…


25 thoughts on “Have Landed

  1. 🙂 Hey hey,I just read your other post that you moved to Singapore…Hows the climate there? Never met anyone who has been to tht place…Do share more news ok… Take care and get set done soon and be back to blogging in full swing 🙂


  2. Yippyeeeeeee! Sounds like fun, not the shopping part, but the rest. All the best,esp up your energy levels and settle in soon. Its good you carried your paintings, need some old familiarity around always!!


  3. Great that you are back! I can imagine how different it must be feeling after moving from India – especially with maids and stuff.. My cousin, in Singapore, has a live in help from Indonesia. But it’s great that you are almost settled in. The first thing I bought here was an iron 🙂
    An olympic size pool! Wow! No wonder your daughter is happy 🙂


  4. Bones, Already blogging? You can’t stay away from the laptop. Can you? 😀

    So daughter already likes the place. That’s nice. I like Singapore too. Reminds me so much of India.

    Settle and come back.


  5. Heyyy…great to see you back so soon! :):) you sound like an excited kid yourself! 🙂 happy settling down and then come back with more tales from Singapore! Havent been there. But I`ve heard its a beautiful place..
    Oohh..and what paintings is GM talking about? Never knew you were an artist. what`s your thing Sraboney- water colours or oil?? Cant you scan them and post it for all of us to see? 🙂


  6. Hi Sraboney,
    welcome to singapore! i moved here from bombay in 2003, did not like it at first(the weather is exactly like bombay though less humid), now its home.It grows on you, and now there are so many indians, especially in the east coast where i live…(though honestly i have more chinese and malay friends).


  7. Good to come here and find so many posts, and I did not even see when you went and came back… but still welcome back, and nothing like familiar favorite stuff to feel at home 🙂 Another familiarity will be us, where ever you are, we, your blogging friends remain the same 🙂


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