Quote Of The Day

“The presidential election was the freest election around the globe … The new government is entering a new era, internationally and domestically”

– Iranian “President” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a speech on July 7, 2009


18 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day

  1. Our opinions are formed by what the western media has fed us. Our media has no opinion of their own.

    India has not been very close to Iran and ours is an uneasy relationship. We do not have as much engagement with Iran nor are we obsessed with them as we are with Pakistan.

    I am not sure if twitter updates or reports from a small segment can be taken as true of the whole nation.

    Much of this unrest seems to be localised to parts of Tehran and does not have mass backing. I understand that much of Iran outside Tehran were not part of this agitation. This may be because of genuine support for the incumbent. If it were a nation wide protest with mass involvement, Mr A would have had to step down.

    The opposition seems to be representative of the city elite which does not have much mass following. Let us not be taken in by reports that rebel against basic logic.


  2. freest election in the Globe…? that is a joke.In Iran only candidates approved by the Clergy can run in elections.As Mavin said
    Ahmedinejad may have support from the rural poor,but the couting and declaring of results were not transparent and a large section of the people were unhappy.
    But there are good signs also from Iran. More than 80% of the electorate had voted and there was a fairly free and robust campaign.The protests in streets of Tehran are also signs of increasing democratisation


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