Lower Caste People Are Aggressive By Nature

You tell me if the following comment made by Shiney Ahuja’s lawyer Shrikant Shivde is just a defence tactic or  it reflects how he really feels:

“She [the maid who was allegedly raped by Ahuja] belongs to a lower caste, which is aggressive by nature, and she wouldn’t have submitted herself so easily. They are known for being aggressive.”

If he believes in what he said, hats off to Mayawati for immortalizing her success by building innumerous memorials…


27 thoughts on “Lower Caste People Are Aggressive By Nature

  1. Whether it’s a defense tactic or his real feelings- in either case it’s an astonishingly offensive remark! Can’t he be booked for this? Must be some legal provision…


  2. So according to Mr. Shivde , if a higher caste woman is attacked , she won’t fight back ? Sound logic . Please re launch the PCC campaign for these gentlemen , the lawyer and the guy he is defending .


  3. It seems Shiney’s case is hopeless. Even if he did have consensual sex, though it is likely he did not, he’s had it. This lawyer is basically trying to suggest that the sex was consensual, and has used this logic to suggest that Shiney would not have been able to force himself upon her so easily. Considering the physical efforts maids put in, they are physically fit and most can give a helluva fight.

    By the way, “lower caste” is different from dalit or untouchable. I am glad that at least urban India has forgotten about castes and has started looking at all individuals with the same eye, as we all should.


    • I’m sure the maid is physically fit and strong but Shivde used the term “aggressive” which is different from “strong” or “fit”…Given the difference in male-female physiology, Shiney (himself a gym-going person) could have easily subdued her…


  4. I cannot believe that he said it in a court of law and is still holding a licence to practice. What has caste to do with anything here? All the crime down centuries has been perpetrated on lower castes and does this prove that they have been aggressive?


  5. so the deduction is that higher caste people are more aggressive than lower caste ( whatever this high or low means) because they have to keep them lower – isn’t it ?


  6. I have no opinion on this case, because it is easy to pronounce Shiney Ahuja guilty, that is the way our perceptions are likely to lead us, but one never knows. About the lawyers statement, its a generalisation, but I think it is true to quite an extent, because these are people who have to struggle to get water and a little place to excrete in peace, they are likely to be aggressive. But in the presence of a rich strong man? Can’t say.


    • Whether Shiney is guilty or not is not the point…The lawyer’s statement is…Yes, since the maid is used to physical labour, she is more fit than us but due to physiology, a man is nearly always stronger than a woman…Also, Shiney (if he did rape her) is muscular man and can easily overpower a woman however strong she may be…


      • Yes Sraboney you are right, and I am glad this lawyer’s statement is read and heard by all. We should know what goes on in such cases, where a rape victim tries to get justice. I also heard she was his fan. .. as if that is a justification or provocation for raping her.


  7. Why bring Mayawati into this?! She makes no point at all with her ugly monstrous memorials except that she loves to waste public money!


    • Welcome!!!

      I agree with you that Mayawati wastes public money but so have others especially the Nehru-Gandhi family…I brought her into the picture ’cause even though she is a dalit, she has succeeded in becoming the CM of UP – that is a big achievement given how upper class people view and treat lower caste people…


  8. Scum of the universe! Loved Kislay`s sarcasm 🙂 “please relaunch the pcc” :):)
    I dont wish to waste 5 minutes of my life thinking of Shiny Ahuja and whether he`s guilty or not. May he rot in hell if he is. But the lawyer`s remarks definitely make my blood boil. WTF???


  9. what a clown. wasn’t their whole case strategy built on mutual consent? Good thing he aint a statistician-he’d have correlated and then established a cause-effect between the crime rate and Mayawati’s facial hair or some such seemingly related variables.


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