Bizarre Facts

This is a silly post…I came across these bizarre bird names while surfing the net:

If you think I’ve made these named up, please check the links…My favourite is the Pale-eyed Pygmy Tyrant…Which one is yours?


22 thoughts on “Bizarre Facts

  1. As interesting as the names are Bones none of them somehow appeal 😀
    and what names! 😀 which geniuses came up with these I wonder? 😉

    my kind of bird would be with a more poetic name 😀
    like a hummingbird:) sounds like its always humming:)


  2. Such interesting names these birds have. I think Perplexing Scrubwren is also cute like Pale-eyed-Pigmy-tyrant. Rest of the links. are not opening for me right now. 😦


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