Obama – The White Terrorist


These unpleasant, disturbing posters of Obama as the Joker have started mysteriously showing up all over Los Angeles. The message seems pretty clear: If we allow the President to continue his “socialist” policies, then someone in a latex bat costume will come and save America.

I’ve always known Republicans are dumb but didn’t realize they were this dumb…The Joker I know from Batman comics isn’t a socialist but a mad anarchist…The Obama I know is a stoic person and a community organizer…Where are the similarities? And the white face – given the IQ levels of most Republicans, I doubt the irony was intentional…

Edited to add:

Apparently, Obama is not the first President to be depicted as The Joker…That honour goes to George W…Vanity Fair had done this visual sketch in 2008…



18 thoughts on “Obama – The White Terrorist

  1. When people run out of real ideas and find that they have no real substance to defeat an opponent, the old trick to defame him is resorted to. I am sure this will make Obama an even bigger rock star!


  2. “The message seems pretty clear: If we allow the President to continue his “socialist” policies, then someone in a latex bat costume will come and save America.”

    LOL !

    Now that’s funny


  3. lol,some people are really bored…

    Obama has so many qulaifications,isn’t it…Anti-christ,Messiah,and now white terrorist….ha :-/

    I second Usha,cowards know only such stuff..


  4. Hmmm… I shudder to think of *any* republican in a latex costume to save America.
    Dick Cheney… *shudder*
    John McCain… *even more shudder*

    I feel the most obvious step of staggering stupidity was the selection of Michael Steele as their chairman. All Obama bashing falls short of this! 🙂


  5. To clarify, I have nothing against Michael Steele, but Republicans choosing a black man as their chair immediately after Obama’s election shows a lot about them. 🙂


  6. My feeling is Obama’s Presidency is the best thing that happened in a long time to the poor and middle classes of USA. The fear of the medical industry -insurance lobby that their huge profits will be drastically reduced if Obama gets enough support in the Congress to pass his health reforms is the main reason behind this smear campaign. Currently abt 40 million Americans cannot afford health insurance or is denied insurance because of pre existing diseases . If implemented as envisaged by the Obama team, new health reforms will ensure all American citizens will have health insurance and may also result in fall in health premiums for all due to competition from State run Insurance .


  7. What absolute moronity!
    and in VERY bad taste!

    I can think of hundreds of others who probably deserve to be portrayed like this and with good reason too but Obama? 😯


  8. I dont understand these dumb Americans(gross generalization I know!) – can you imagine this? The very people(the ones who`ve declared bankruptcy and have no jobs or home or food to survive on) who are benefiting from Obama`s tax cut policies(of taxing the rich more and giving it back to the poor) are out on the streets protesting against Obama!! What is it with such dumbheads???
    It makes me so mad at times..


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