Enough Is Enough Already

Why is the Indian media so obsessed with Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab? OK, reports about his trial relating to the attacks in Mumbai on 26/11/2008 are newsworthy but do we really need to know that he’s acting like a spoilt child by refusing to eat unless he’s given mutton biryani or that he wants some woman to tie him a rakhi because his two sisters can’t? When will the media realize that his antics are the result of the ‘star status’ given to him by their warped perspective and lack of imagination?

Then there was this humourous story in yesterday’s Indian Express about his magnanimous offer to sketch faces of

two senior Lashkar operatives who are wanted for their role in the 26/11 attacks, but whose photographs are not with Indian police or intelligence agencies. What Kasab has given the police are, however, a child’s doodles which have no resemblance to human faces, and are, for the purposes of the investigation, “completely useless”, sources in Arthur Road jail said. “Although he is not a sketch artist, we were expecting him to make a serious effort to draw the two faces,” said a prison official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read this ‘report’…What did Mumbai’s finest expect from him? Da Vinci-type realistic sketches? And what did Indian Express and Times of India gain by reporting these ‘stories’? Did they sell more newspapers or did they get more ads?

I know newspapers are businesses and like other businesses they need to sell, but do we really need to read such absurd crap under the guise of ‘human interest’ stories? Have journalists become so lazy that they no longer want to go out and find newsworthy stories?


22 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough Already

  1. Quite apart from the ridiculous antics of our media, the Kasab trial actually shows us all that is wrong with our subordinate judiciary. It’s August 2009. I don’t think the trial is anywhere near its end.

    Quirky Indian


  2. Our media has lost it. I fully agree with you that this coverage of Kasab is mindless and only helps to glamorise the heinous crime that he has committed. You may have also noticed that in the 2003 Bombay blast case, the accused have been shown smiling and even showing the ‘Victory” sign by the media. What is the mindset behind this insensitivity? Have these media guys got no respect for those who were killed and injured by these terrorists?


  3. I agree with you about how newspapers and news channels are looking for masala more than news but as far as Kasab goes, the nuggets of news that we get of his behaviour may not be helpful for any purpose but to piece together the pieces of a puzzle-like personality, if you know what I mean…


  4. Hi Bones..
    Came over here other day from Sols..but dint leave a comment then..

    I agree with you. when i read in newspapers and News that kasab was asking for rakhis and these mindless people are showing that as Prime time news, i felt horrible. and expecting him to draw the sketches of people is the heights!


    • Welcome!!!

      Kasab must be enjoying his new found ‘star’ status esp. since before 26/11 he was a nobody…He’s also figured out that Mumbai’s finest are a bunch of idiots and is having fun at their cost…If the way things are going continues, he’s going to be freed and then the media will flash pictures of him smiling and showing the ‘victory’ sign…


  5. I totally agree, Bones.. Our media has totally lost it.. They just want sensational news in some form or the other..

    And even other wise, we were just comparing the news channels here in the UK with our Indian channels(the few that we get here), and the difference is so marked.. our news has a lot to do with instant value.. very little in depth analysis.. I do hope it all changes – though I doubt it – with news channels mushrooming all over the place, the easiest way to get viewership seems to be by being sensational 😦 Kasab’s antics is just ‘breaking news’.


  6. Yes, the coverage the press gives to Kasab is nauseating. They report every single thing he does or says.

    And the press is always sympathetic towards terrorists.

    Today the IE reported about Ashraf (sentenced today in the 2003 case)-“Ashraf was planning to get married and settle down in life when the police arrested him”

    Why did they not write-“Ashraf was planning to get married when he decided to explode bombs instead”?


  7. Indian mainstream media is almost dead…

    at times most of their news were just laughable.. they never given a news on how an ordinary man suffers in this country and whats the solution for it,…. all they consider is how to fill the pages with security of Kasab and Hilary Clinton.. 😛 😛


  8. Kasab! ughh!
    your reply to QI says it best!
    His question about rakhis stumped me! I mean seriously WTH was he thinking?
    that some one will come and tie him one?
    everything to get our moronic media’s attention!

    and the report (if we can call it that) in Indian Express? it would be hilarious if it was not so alarming in its revelation of the journalistic standards in India..

    Regarding our newspapers?
    Schoolkids can write much better I think..the quality and standard of journalism is shoddy to say the least..except for a few veterans and some new ones the rest are all the same..
    mediocre at best!


  9. Sometime back I had written a post Kasab..A media Hero.
    Our media has stooped down to the filthiest level that they will do anything for TRPs.Unless,something extra ordinary is done now,media will get out of control.But,at times I also think…are we blaming them unnecessarally?Is it possible that media actually has a brief from the Govt? Is the Govt using the media for it’s long time plans?


  10. I remember Verappan was also made a hero like this, before that Phoolan Devi was given star status. I am always amazed at the way we provide PR service to dangerous criminals. It does look like media looking for easy stories, but I doubt if anybody is still interested in knowing what Kasab had for breakfast today.


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