Do Mass Murderers Deserve Compassion?

No, they don’t and that’s why I was aghast to read about Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi’s release on compassionate grounds…For those of you who don’t remember, this is the man who didn’t think twice about killing 270 innocent people when he blew up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988…And why did he do it? To make a political statement…While I am against capital punishment, I do believe that felons should serve out their sentences no matter how sick they are…What was the Scottish government thinking when it decided to release this monster? Megrahi’s lawyers didn’t ask for his release because he was terminally ill, the Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill made this ghastly decision all on his own…How can he call himself the justice minister when he showed such shockingly poor judgement?

Megrahi was released after serving only 8 years of his minimum 27 year sentence – that means for every person he killed, he served only 10.81 days in prison…Is that fair to the victims and their families?

What is even more distressing is that Megrahi, a convicted terrorist and mass murderer, went home to Libya to a hero’s welcome from his President Dictator Col. Qaddafi who is using him as a propaganda tool…


(Source: The New York Times)

The question to be asked is – was the release really due to compassion and higher morality or was it due to Libyan oil? Libya is still ruled by a dictator but is opening up its economy to foreign investors…As we all know, the country has oil and global companies are clamouring for their share of the pie…By releasing the only person convicted for the Lockerbie bombing, Britain has done nothing but lubricate the way for British oil companies to get access to this oil…

I’ll be surprised if this man dies in the next 3 months – for all you know, he’ll be around enjoying life for a few more years…


16 thoughts on “Do Mass Murderers Deserve Compassion?

  1. Horrifying indeed. I would like to believe that conviction was dubious. Though I think you are right about the oil angle.

    More horrifying than the release is the reception in Libya. With things like this happening not in wild Afghanistan but in regularly administered country which is actively engaged with the West, can you blame the Americans and others for carrying out racial profiling?
    Some people say it was dubious because the other accused were acquitted…Even if so, the correct process is to file for appeals which his lawyers had done…The release was totally out of the blue…


  2. Hey, those were my thoughts exactly when i saw the piece in the paper today. Why should he have the comfort of home soil and the time to say goodbye to his own, when he afforded no such thing to all he killed without a second thought. They never even knew what hit them and why.

    I guess compassion and justice also get redefined when it comes to economics.


  3. I am surprised the families of the victims didn’t appeal against this decision……

    Is there any guarantee that he won’t do something like that again? And the hero’s welcome he got suggests that there may be many young people who may want to emulate him. Scary.

    Quirky Indian
    Exactly my thoughts…Qaddafi bussed down school kids to wave flags and welcome him…What did they learn?
    Obama had appealed to the Scottish govt. not to release him but…


  4. It is disgusting, to say the least. How loud and clear is the voice of OIL!

    And is it surprising? After all the oil and gas companies are the richest in the world, aren’t they?

    And yes, as QI says, it will just tell others like him, that it is possible to get away. When somebody like Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi gets released on ‘compassionate grounds’ and gets a hero’s welcome! What more can one ask for!!!!!


  5. Disgusting and I never get wondered by these happenings… its the new world order… do anything for your comforts and give any reason to it…
    justice is a word which will be in dictionary to find the meaning 😡


  6. I am not sure why he was released, but I do not think that a mass murderer deserves compassion. But lets say he does, there are forgiving people in the world who believe that murderers can be forgiven, but the question is: what will happen if they are set free? Sure, this guy has terminal cancer and he probably may not organise more mass murders, but he could stand as an inspiration to someone else. He could be idealised and worshipped and he could give speeches in private and so on. Therefore for practical reasons such people should never be released.
    I totally agree with you – look at the hero’s welcome he got in Tripoli…Col. Qaddafi sent his son and a plane to escort the guy back…


  7. What kind of compassion, campassion for what? What about compassion for those who were killed, without knowing they will not reach their destination? This is simply crass insensitivity and disgusting political greed and *&^%. I am seething i tell you. This is just horrible.


  8. I second HItchwriter. He`ll get shot. He should!
    Who will shoot him – not the Libyans…The CIA should but that would cause an international uproar and terrorists will get another reason to attack Western targets…If only the Scots had held on to him…


  9. Good post. Western Countries always keep the interest of their big businesses above everything else. This is a typical example of such narrow mindedness. British Petroleum will be the major beneficiary of this decision to give pardon. If you are ready to do give lucrative business then they will portray the most vicious dictator as an angel.
    “Those idiotic whites; I’m an internationally recognized figure again – I’ve been vindicated!” is Mad Dog Qaddafi’s favourite phrase now


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